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  1. I'm quite tempted by the Ebel Disco (white face) that a well-known retailer is currently punting at half-price! Always fancied one but they were way out of reach..... but now...... must resist.....!!!
  2. It's easy to be threatening when you're hidden in cyber space. You'd find 95% of these people aren't so bold face-to-face!
  3. Someone is already paying way too much! What are 'scrathes', are they like Mexican scratches!?! It's a very common mistake on the bay for people to list auto's as kinetics! Second only to people listing chronographs as chronometers (although this bloke seems to have bucked the trend and made the opposite mistake....)! IDIOTS!
  4. I like Russ's Autavia, it's on my wish-list! I agree with alot of the guys above, re-issues are the way forward!? If that makes sense! I'm a TAG fan, but kind of fell out of love with the brand after the introduction of the Auquaracer. Loved the 2000, especially the later 'exclusives'. Love the vintage Heuers too, Bootsy has a fantastic collection on here!
  5. Bloody hell, that's quite a collection you got there!!! There's a few in there that I've fancied owning over the years, particularly the career, daystate and logun! I've only got pistols after I sold my TX200HC about a year ago! Just wasn't using it..... Here's a pic of one from under the bed!
  6. Nice result for you there colin! That's one hell of a hunk of steel!!! Wear in health...
  7. Really sorry to hear about your problems but I've had many TAGs, quartz and auto and never had any problems. I've had my 2000 sport since new and it's over ten years old and (touch wood) I've never had any issues with it. Don't let this experience put you off the brand alltogether....
  8. How about this!? http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=53025 And you'll get some change too.... It's a VERY nice watch :thumbsup:
  9. I could probably do all of them, but I won't spoil it. We'll start with the TAG strap....
  10. Just seen the latest info from Breitling regarding their new Superocean, dubbed 'New Wave'! It's a bit of a departure from the current Superocean range which has remained largely unchanged since 2002..... That said, it's by no means an original design, and has elements (I believe) of the current TAG Aquaracer. Anyway, it's certainly 'diferent' as far as Breitlings go. I'm undecided at the minute, what do you guys think??? (More info and pics at Breitling's website)
  11. :unsure: Never thought of it like that - better 'hyde' (get it?) this thread from Mach! :whistle: No the car was out of its 3-year warranty in October last year and I didn't buy any extra cover either which I know is a bit of a risk. Only come with one key too so just bought 2 others (one for the wife and one spare) from my local AD at the princely sum of £199 inc.VAT! :furious: What I’m also annoyed about is that I've also won a second hand key on the ‘flea-of-bays’ for £30 only to be told by BMW that they are not reprogrammable so if anyone knows any different then I'd be VERY grateful to here from you... They speaketh the truth I'm afraid. Re-programming second-hand keys wouldn't be very sensible. All new BMWs should have 10 keys assigned to them, therefore if you contact your dealer and ask them for a replacement they should be able to order you one with the correct documentation provided (as long as the previous owner hasn't lost 9 keys!). Can't imagine they'll be cheap though.... Edit: Sorry just read post properly, you already sorted keys and you already found out it was expensive.....
  12. Make sure you check the bezel turns crisply and anti-clockwise only, it's a notorious weak spot on these.
  13. Thats because it broke down before it could make it on :tongue2: Crikey, that's original :rolleyes: Maybe not..... .... but not entirely undeserved.... :ph34r:
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