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  1. Always worked in engineering, last 12 years with X-ray imaging systems, coming up for 10 years in airport baggage screening system at Britain's largest airport. Watches have to be robust as they can get knocked about out in the terminals, so generally any one of a number of G-Shocks, occasionally a Seiko or Citizen if we have a training day or something office based.
  2. Yes, I have many, they are strangely addictive, many are digital but not all, there are ana-digi and analogue only. And you can wear one and not worry about it, as I do at work where they they get bumped and banged etc. Funnily enough they are the most popular watch at work amongst those that wear one.
  3. My brother regularly asks me how many watches I have now, I can honestly say that I don't know, as I don't keep a tally.
  4. Definitly a hoarder and not just watches either! Some times I think about thining it down a bit, but haven't managed to do so yet. A couple of pieces have gone to my brother.
  5. In my experience a G Shock is robust, more so than the Timex offerings, although I have an early Ironman that has survived alot of abuse over the years, just needs a battery every so often.
  6. If it was via Ebay then report it as it should be done like that, you loose all protection the way that is being handled. Glad you got another one so quickly, be careful though they are somewhat addictive (Owner of 3 Speedmasters and a Flightmaster)!
  7. A very good choice :yes: and very popular, so will be easy to move on if you want to change it for something else.
  8. It's very difficult to give constructive advice without being influenced by your own tastes and preferences? I have a preference for Omega, owning 3 vintage Speedmasters, a Flightmaster, Railmaster and a Dynamic Chrono, recently I've been looking at some others, I very much like the Tudor Heritage range, love the 'Snow Flake' hands in particular! It's a fair chunk of money to spend, so I would say go somewhere where they have as many alternatives as possible and try them on there's nothing quite like the feel and look on the wrist to tell how it will be to live with.
  9. Very nice, Tudor have some very desirable watches.
  10. Drf, if you don't mind me saying so they're a pair of crackers, which I would be very happy to own and wear. ATB, Defender :astro: .
  11. Tissot Seastar 660, it's a lot of watch for reasonable money:- http://www.ebay.com/...=item3a9daf5730 It came with black or blue faces on steel or rubber.
  12. Interesting use of coffee powder! Nice finish on the hands though. I hope you don't keep the lume power in the kitchen cupboard, or you could have an illuminating drink?
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