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  1. Rediscovering some tunes from my younger days:
  2. Roger 'Back to Portugal' suggests this is a regular occurrence
  3. I've tried to get google maps loaded off line for a couple of times, but have failed. Most probably me not the tablet
  4. Getting back into hiking, but getting fed up with paper maps. Hence, I'm looking at going for memory-maps from ordinance survey. Bearing in mind that I like studying the map to find my way (sad!) and identify whats around me any ideas for alternative map systems and preferably cheaper as well? George
  5. Richard I'll have a look at both....the nord deal is shout 2.5 per month (or there sbouts) . I'll research the other
  6. From back in 71 Not really a one hit wonder as there was in the same year But just thought I'd give them an airing on a sunny afternoon (with a bottle of wine inside of me...hic)
  7. All the way back to '71 Yep I remember it well. More of an LP than a single group
  8. Cheers Richard. Nordvpn seem to be doing a good discount at the moment
  9. Not truly a one hit wonder, but
  10. rhaythorne...never heard of router manufacturer vpn so did a bit of reading about it. As the virgin set up is going to be installed next week may be a bit early to start mucking around with it until I know it's working okay. Watchmedic.... I take it geese are easy to install and will work with my android pad and Firestick?
  11. Guys Updated the laptop , got the Internet deal with virgin sorted, got the free antivirus from virgin signed up. Now all to consider is a VPN......err not clued up on those. So went reading about them......the best is depending on which site is doing the review. I know that are some clever compouter lads and lasses on the forum, so.. Which is the best? Which is the best value per device? What's the best source for getting one? And Any free ones worth having? Hope you can help George
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