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  1. sparky the cat

    Song Titles Game

    You Got To Take Sick And Die Some Of These Days by Muddy Waters
  2. Designing bits to rectify the faults and keep them running kept me employed for 34 years.....so achieved one objective
  3. sparky the cat

    Song Titles Game

    I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Bob Dylan
  4. After a long time trying I eventually gave up. RR is going to ban both smoking and vaping on its sites (worldwide) from the end of THIS year....so maybe talking up vaping wouldn't have helped. I did enjoy smoking. The kicker is that I hadn't seen my brother for a while and he has just returned from Cuba....and he brought me a number of your genuine Cuban cigars. They range from the ones that look like small walking sticks through tour the smaller ones...all in the tin packs Just sitting in the bedroom draw for the last few months. Seems a shame ...maybe a unwanted cigar section on ebay
  5. sparky the cat

    Song Titles Game

    Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car Billy Ocean
  6. sparky the cat

    Song Titles Game

    All I Have to Do Is Dream The Everly Brothers Couldn'the get the plural in.
  7. a very detailed history and reminder of how it used to be. Burst mode on a disc camera; never knew that. And btw I was 26 in '82.
  8. A very comprehensive post William. The more I think about it the more I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to buy a replacement laptop/desktop . Or do all online stuff on my tablet and keep the laptop/desktop for doing the work stuff , but disconnected from the web.
  9. I think that because Microsoft have stopped supporting the OS then Google stops doing updates and hence f-secure can't support fully. I think that's what has happened .....or I could be paranoid and think THEY ARE ALL OUT TO GET ME!!!!!
  10. Seems I need to upgrade the laptop Op sys as the one I have on is no longer supported and this could affect my antivirus. So it is windows 10 for me. However, there seems to be a wide spread of prices out there; £100 through to £30 (ish) for license only. Are these licence only sales ligit? Keep seeing OEM stated. If legit where should I buy it? George
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