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  1. Thanks for the reply Roger. I have a plan. Missus has laid claim to the casio but she hasn't worn it yet. Now it is only a few days since the hijack, however, if it's not worn by Christmas day then I'll invoke the ancient horological law .......'If it ain't being used it should be passed onto to someone who will use it'
  2. Now I've got to find another G g-shock. I only had that one
  3. All sorted. The missus asked what I was looking for. I explained. Let's see she said. "I wear oversize watches" she said. So end up saving £20, but ............being a G-shock lighter. How come it was sold to me as a good idea. And how come I went for it. Oh, well
  4. Guys Bought G Shock off the sales forum. It's great condition but can't get along with the shiny resin strap. Google replacements but they cost a bit. Can you suggest alternatives. Failing to get an acceptable strap; I'll have to sell it. It's a GA -200RG Cheers Stay safe George
  5. I've tried to get google maps loaded off line for a couple of times, but have failed. Most probably me not the tablet
  6. Getting back into hiking, but getting fed up with paper maps. Hence, I'm looking at going for memory-maps from ordinance survey. Bearing in mind that I like studying the map to find my way (sad!) and identify whats around me any ideas for alternative map systems and preferably cheaper as well? George
  7. Wrenny Ah the good old 2/3 salary pension, ours disappeared in 2009 Should add I'm 63
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