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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Andy - agreed, Nomos have some good pieces. Drum2000 - will def contact Roy, good plan. The link you sent me has some great looking watches as well, Kienzle is not a brand I'm familiar with, but def worth looking into. Alex - yep, I'm actually already getting a 1930s/40s watch to replace one that was stolen, so I'm looking for a more "modern" one here, but you're right, absolutely loads of old dress watches out there!
  2. The Nomos Tangente Power Reserve looks wonderful too (albeit I'm not a big small seconds fan). Zenith Class Elite also a stunning watch, but even used is out of my price range I think.
  3. Nice looking watch, certainly, but not quite my style. Looking for a date function also (didn't realise how much I used it until I was on holiday with a watch without one. Nightmare!). Good shout though rednotdead, good suggestion.
  4. Hey Guys and Girls, I’m in the market for a new watch, and was hoping for some suggestions! The difficulty I have is that I have very slim wrists, so can’t really do anything more than a 38mm case (max), and not too chunky either. 36mm would prob be perfect, but I know overall my choices are limited. A couple of possibles I’ve seen are the Baume & Mercier Classima Executive (which at 38.5mm and £1,500 is at my limit of both size and price) and the Oris Artelier Date or Complication which are done in both 40mm and 35mm for about £800/£1,000. I know B&M uses ETAs as the base, Oris too? Longines seem to have some attractive looking pieces too. If anyone has any ideas in that price/size/style (i.e. classic, dressy) range, I’d love to hear them! I know the B&M will lose value immediately, but not such a concern as I’m planning on a watch I’d want to keep, not sell/trade. More than happy to pick something up used (provided it’s from a reputable dealer so I get a guarantee) as well though, but any suggestions would be welcome! Marc
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