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  1. Absolutely beautiful collection as is - unless you want to release the cash and go after something else, I vote keep them - you've got some beautiful examples in there, who cares about the other 3!
  2. IMO, you cannot beat the perfection that is an skx013
  3. I was the same! Its genuinely very comfortable to wear, I was especially worried as I wear watches on my left wrist, so the block was next to my wrist, but it doesn't get in the way at all!
  4. Thanks for sharing, really interesting watch
  5. I had an Orange Monster gen1 a few years ago - fabulous watch, my regret was not getting it bead blasted, just because it looks cool
  6. I'm falling more and more in love with Seiko as a brand - impeccable timekeeping and quality at their respective price points. Here's the three I've got currently - and I'm getting desperately tempted by grand seiko and some Japan domestic variants too!
  7. Odd approach - there are many watches I would love to own & wear, but as a fellow toothpick arm-er myself, I have to factor in how much of a plonker I will look wearing something too big that people will think I've gone and raided a local model village of the clock tower timepiece...
  8. That's really nice, like the date window position
  9. I buy most of my natos from Amazon now - the slightly pricier ones are excellent quality
  10. Hmmm, ok, a bit fishy then - will do some homework - thanks guys
  11. On my daily snoop through Ebay and came across a nice looking watch - it's up for sale from a company called swiss time services - just wondered if anyone has purchased from them before and would recommend / has any horror stories? Tia
  12. I'm just alternating each day to be honest - one days wear on most autos will keep it running nicely for a couple days - I guess it depends on the size of your collection, but mine is fairly small and evenly split between autos, manual winds and quartz, so the rotation is easy enough, and gives me something to do in this boredom
  13. Even during a pandemic, getting back to work after 4 days off is tough, so I've opted for my seiko diver today
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