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  1. Lads, Interested to get your views and opinions on this - background - as we're all stuck in for the foreseeable, I thought it was a good time to start really hitting the saving towards a grail - for me, a really nice looking Rolex. I've chatted this through with the missus, and she raised a valid point of how concious would i become of wearing something that's 3 to 4k in value out and about, and would it and up just stuck at home and only taken out on special occasions. So I ask you guys, does the same thought go through your heads? I get there's insurance, but is that enough peace of mind?
  2. A face that only a mother could love
  3. Save up your pennies and go for Grand Seiko
  4. This has happened to me once since I "got into watches" about 10 yrs ago - sat in the vets & someone clocked my CWC G10 & called it out immediately - I had to go into for the appointment, so I never found out if he was an enthusiast or an ex squaddie!
  5. So, I removed the crown from the watch and attempted to remove the movement, only to realise (I think) that I would need to take it out from the front. At this stage, mission aborted, tried to pop the crown back in, but now it's only turning the hands whether in or out, and not turning the mainspring or staying in. What have I done?! Thanks in advance!
  6. I find that dial far too busy, nearly every other military watch I've seen has a simple, easy to read dial - I'd struggle to quickly tell the time from that, let alone having bullets whizzing over my head! You can achieve the same look Davey for under a tenner !
  7. Thanks JoT - that's helpful I may have found a UK seller of the watch I wanted - new thread to follow :D
  8. Well, after a little more perseverance I've managed to open the case (Which was a snap on back). There was no tab, but the issue was more around my Wenger case knife the thickness of the blade wasn't enough to get into the virtually non-existent seam. Swapped to a really fine actual blade, and the case back popped off first time.
  9. I'm sure they have, and I'm sure some / loads will love it.... ...but thought doesn't always result in a good product:
  10. IMO, , looks like they've just prised it off a bulkhead and stuck a strap on it - really unrefined - not for me at all
  11. Looking sharp though mate
  12. I've recently picked up a 1950s pobeda That's in need of some tlc. It's got a snap on back, but there is no tab for me to get my case knife behind. What am I doing wrong !?!?
  13. Thanks for all the comments guys - really appreciated - I'll save up a few more quid just in case of any tax bill that might be levied against my purchase - will just have to work hard to drive the asking prices down too
  14. Hello all, I've seen one or two watches that're only available domestically in Japan, however, there are sellers who ship internationally. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Are there taxes to pay? TIA
  15. ... I nearly collapsed with all those adverts & clickbait Rolex is OK, not $700k OK tho...
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