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  1. Hi Haggis, Those are really superb, especially the top one on what looks like a piece of Burr Walnut ? have you thought of going into small scale production ? if so, I for one would be very interested. regards Shiny
  2. Duck tape works OK but is a bit messy. Treat yourself to a sticky ball as sold by Roy, under watch tools works a treat as re usable ad infinitum. A handy bit of kit for any tinkerer, like me
  3. What is it they say ? Strike while the iron is hot Ive been there, know how it feels
  4. Thanks for the information to all who replied, ordered the one that Roger suggested last evening. Ebay marked as despatched today ! regards, Shiny
  5. The three main types seem to be; pliers type lever handle type screw down type Which is best ?, What do you use ? Shiny
  6. Think I need to invest in a snap back closer, there seem to be three main types, what would members recommend ? Regards Shiny
  7. shinybryan

    The Song Thread

    "Watch what Happens" Michelle Le Grand
  8. shinybryan

    The Song Thread

    "Time after time" Frank Sinatra
  9. Found an Arnie for £1 at a car boot 2 weeks ago ! only needed a battery but of course the plastic shoud was in tatters anyone know where I can buy the aluminium replacement cant seem to locate one anywhere. Thanks, "shiny"
  10. A lovely looking little lad, congratulaions to you both. Regards Shiny
  11. Buy quality and you buy just the once, Buy cheap and you pay extra, by the time you learned the lesson and bought a second time, may just as well have bought quality in the first place, trust one who learned this lesson years ago the hard way.
  12. Yes I agree, Arabic numerals and a black dial would make it just perfect. Is it single or double quick day and date changing ? the earlier ones were just single quick, which makes it a bit of a chore to set if not worn regularly.
  13. Oooh, thats really nice, love that dial
  14. Hi Alex That looks really nice and not a lot of money,IMHO once you have one you will want more, I have three Hummers now and love em all, that smooth sweep of the seconds hand I find quite mesmerising. wear it with pride. Regards Shiny
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