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  1. All's well in the end, I sent it back to Breitling and they filled down the clip so it is much smother on the wrist, it has been thoroughly polished also and only took 2 weeks to get back. Excellent service Breitling!! I am so glad that I brought it from an AD instead of on the net where I could have saved a few quid but would never have been able to return it to make it comfortable. I would pay the extra for that any day. :D I even got a new Breitling travel case to keep it in which was free. My advise is ALWAYS use an AD when spending lots of money!!
  2. Thats the right bit but the one on my pilot strap is not smooth it juts out. I have a pic but dont know how to post it..... help please
  3. Thanks but I really like the pilot strap and I have seen a simular design on all those in the shop. Does your clasp have that lip thing I mentioned? I just dont see why such a watch should be uncomfortable?! and my wrists are not abnormal... but thanks for the response
  4. Hi I brought my 2008 Cockpit with the metal strap a few months ago, Im very happy with the watch but I find the inside of the clasp digs into my wrist. I have had it adjusted twice and had the clasp section moved slightly further around the wrist but it still cuts in. I understand all Breitling metal straps are built the same way. The inside of the folding clasp has a lip on the end pivot point and that juts out from what should be a smooth surface. I have no idea why it is designed this way? I spoke to the AD and they said they had not heard of simular complaints. Although they said they could return it so Breitling "could have a look at it". I have two cheaper watches with metal staps and they fit fine. Its leaving red marks on my wrist! Has anyone else experianced the same???
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