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  1. If Omega is 2nd tier, then is Blancpain 1st tier? Let's look At the Fifty Fathoms and the Planet Ocean. They both come from the same stable, BP has a sailcloth strap and no He valve(not that we need it but it's all extra cost and machining) whereas the Omega has a good bracelet. The Omega has an applied dial. Both have silicon balance springs and a Manufacture movement.(1315 movement has had some dodgy press) The Blancpain is twice as much as the new PO chrono, so why? It has no more kudos on the high street than Omega, in fact if you told a layman you had a Blancpain he would think you'd got it from Argos. So is first tier all in the price and exclusivity?
  2. got this from new and still love it "Carlos Coste"
  3. I sold this one a few years ago and I could puke thinking about it!
  4. This is a very good watch, however the alarm is not that loud,it doesn't wake me up
  5. Mine says Hi!....though a bit younger (2002 vintage...) ...and have to agree with the suggestion of a SMP... they haven't changed much have they! i would really love a 1675 with really creamed up tritium.
  6. I have the same one you can have it for £20
  7. Please tell me where I can get one of these for £1k!!! :eek: put a grand down and the rest on tik, get resourceful
  8. If someone buys a Rolex to use as a dive watch, why would they have any trepidation about using it? Later, William the thread was to merely suggest that real divers are more likely wear the Citizen than the 8k Rolex for the job that it was intended. After one dive the Rolex will have banged up against the boat, tanks, rocks and the like whereas the Citizen will do exactly the same but only cost a fraction of the Rolex and it is far harder material. Of course the Rolex will do it nobody is denying that, but why would you bash up a 8k watch, thus making the Citizen the better all round dive watch. I work offshore and in Africa and most people wear the Autozilla because of its light weight properties and almost impossible to scratch, man the Rolex scratches like hell! as do Breitling and Omega.Thats not a slur its just a fact, i love the Deep sea and my daily wearer at home is a vintage GMT but i wouldn't dream of wearing either if i thought i was doing a task which may scratch them and rob them of their value and beauty. Its like using a Defender to go off road or a Porsche Cayenne, both will do it but which would you take
  9. yes they are, quality is good and in keeping with the watches build quality.
  10. These lugs really give this watch a lot of options now compared to the standard integrated rubber strap
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