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  1. Hi there guys and gals. Some of you possibly know that dabble in art as a hobby and draw watches occasionally. I sometimes do fundraider Sales of pieces on here. I just thought that I would share some wonderful horology art from my best art friend. :) She is an award winning artist based in Michigan over in the USA, and had decided to draw a watch in between doing other projects. I thought that it would be fun to show the pics here where I think that they would be appreciated. The piece isn't completed yet, but it is coming along nicely. She reckon that it is about 60 percent done at this present time. It's getting 'tighter' as it progresses, and no doubt will be much tighter on completion. I have no idea when the estimated finish date is for the piece, but it will probably be next year (early) at some point due to her Christmas orders etc. :) When it has further updates / is completed, I will add more pictures. It is simply just a great thing that she started drawing this without telling me... knowing my interest in watches, and she doesn't really know anything about them... and ironically chose THIS beauty (a stock free photo) WITHOUT even consulting me on what is a nice time piece. Great choice! :) I have shown progress pieces as a point of interest as Michelle works in layers. You will notice that the earlier drafts look rougher to the eye.. and that it is get more polished and crisp as time progresses. :) This piece is large... 30 x 20 inches. On board. And is drawn in blendable pencil crayons where colours can be manipulated and mixed, in a similar way that paints are. :) ****** Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the wonderful art of Michelle S. Martin. :) Michigan is a very artsy area and Michelle has won multiple First Place Prizes at their BIG show called "Artwalk" which is held annually at Grand Haven in Michigan. She first won a First Place there in the public voting category two years ago, finished Runner Up last year... and then this year swept the board to win BOTH the public AND the art judges award also for her entered work, raising her stock there even more. Her Work In Progress: Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller (in stages). :) Thanks for looking. :) ***** Latest Update: and progress pics leading up to it: Thanks for looking and enjoying. :)
  2. Will be putting on this today.... Greg. :thumbup:
  3. A recent arrival.... on it's riveted bracelet.... .... however, it feels too 'newish' on it, so I have 'vintaged' it up a little with an antiquey leather zulu. Though of course, I would like similar, but with rivets, as I do think that this strap gives a nice aged feel. Greg. :thumbup:
  4. That's so cool :punk: Cheers mate. Probably a bit of a 'marmite' piece. When you see all of these Seiko's that have been in films, for example the 'Arnie' and the Aliens ones, I think that this would make a much cooler watch for these roles! :yes:
  5. New arrival. 1990's Seiko Nooka. :thumbup:
  6. LOVING the SInn. Great watch, consistently good looking brand. Cheers for posting. :thumbup:
  7. I've just snared this on the bay.... 'Nuff said. :yes:
  8. Dunno mate... that's a fine piece. Mine was cool as I'd drooled for a long while over it, which gave added fun! :lol: LOL at the Sales Section in 6 months..... will probably see you there! Doh! I also picked up one of these too..... (random pic borrowed from Google) ..... and it had really rubbish pics up, and 'works fine but needs a battery.' But the feedback was good, so I'll see what happens when it arrives. If it don't work with a battery, it's going back. Quirky.... but will I bond with it...... :) ????! I'm on a bit of a huge Seiko hunt... kinda drifted into one.... :thumbup:
  9. I nearly bid against you on that Seiko Titanium mate. :eek: It was saved on my search when looking for my new arrival. Glad you got it... and at a song too. :thumbup:
  10. 84 wheels, coming in at 127.62 grams. :eek: Great offer sir, good luck to all!!!!
  11. NICE!!!! Wish I had both too! Sweet. :thumbup:
  12. Was looking at this.... wonderful piece. I had one with the full lume dial, flipped, and have always fancied another. Great watches... and as light on the wrist as you like! Glad it's gone... and to a good home!
  13. This has really caught my eye!! Nice piece. :yes:
  14. I lost out like this years ago, sending something to somebody here in the same country. All the person whose Credit Card is attached to the account needs to do... in effect... is report the Card as frauded / stolen etc. etc. and all purchases that they declare as nullified / not theirs are reversed. It was about 7 years ago, I can't for the life of me remember if the address on the PayPal was 'confirmed.' Luckily, I only lost a tenner. I clicked on feedbacks, and messaged people who had sold to her. Don't know if you can do that now? Anyway, people had, one lady had sent an iPod to her and had the money reversed.. The worst thing is, in spite of the reversal, this person had, for sure, had the goods delivered to their house.. WITHOUT PAYING!! Once the money is reversed, then the recipient (even if innocent... which obviously they ain't) have had a load of goods arrive via Santa Claus!!!! So even then, surely these are owed back???????? To the sender???? Still a crime, is it not??
  15. Same again for me I am afraid.... probably for a few days.... can't see her leaving my wrist anytime soon..... Greg. :grin:
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