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  1. Simon2 Do you think you might know the problem, and if you would be able to get it working properly again? I realise its hard to say without seeing it, just wondered if you had seen anything similar issues before. Do you have a ball park figure of the cost of repair at all, like will it be £50 or more like many £100's? what is the process of getting a quote for the repair? Tried to message you, but it says you cannot receive messages.
  2. My beloved Poljot Aviator I has gone funny... the spring will wind and crank up, and will start ticking when you pull the crown out, and can alter time etc. but as soon as you push the crown back in, its like the spring just instantly unwinds all its tension, and it stops ticking and running after a second or so. Does anybody know where I would be able to get this repaired (or can any members repair it for me?), and a rough idea of what it might cost? I've contacted a few watch repair places near me, and they either don't respond, say they can't do it (as its not a common known brand like Seiko, Citizen, Omega etc.), or one said as its Russian they no longer make the parts and you can't get them any more...... even though Poljot sell full 3133 mechanisms on their website!
  3. As title really, what is peoples opinions and experience with these brands? any good or will they break within a week? As i can't (and likely never will) afford a real IWC Top Gun, I've found Parnis do a nice homage (or copy?) even with the little red plane on the back the second hand. A bit cheaper than an IWC at around £100, but if its gonna be crap its money wasted. Looking on eBay, I came across a decent looking flieger-esque chrono by a brand called Ochstin (I assume chinese?), dirt cheap at only £15-20, but again worried its just throwing money away. Other than these, I've seen a Geckota brand which are around or sub £100. All of these seem to generally use Japanese quartz movements, sometimes stated as being Miyota, so the movement should hold up if its all assembled well do you think?
  4. OK, so it's my wifes birthday in a couple of weeks, and I want to get her a watch. She has never really been bothered about a watch, but after having a fitbit for a couple of years (which she no longer has now) she has got used to having one. She is not one to care about any brand pedigree or the beauty of having a mechanical movement, just one that looks nice! She has just bought herself a Radley one with the little dog on the front, actually not bad looking, very girly, and was only £35 (on sale from £135!!). Anyway, that will be a daily beater to get bashed about on her desk at work and such, so I want to get her something a bit fancier to wear on weekends and evenings, not necessarily something to go with a tuxedo and ballgown event (that's not something we do!), but just a bit nicer and dressier than a beater. She does like the Thomas Sabo watches - I know, they're not exactly a 'proper' watch brand, but she just likes what they look like. I have a budget of up to £180-200, but not sure what would be a decent brand at this price. She wouldn't like anything gold and flashy, though rose gold is ok, and nothing with sparkly crystals or diamante, and I think something around 34/35mm upwards would suit, don't like those tiny 25mm cocktail watch style ones. What are opinions on brands such as Thomas Sabo, Fossil, Olivia Burton, Vivienne Westwood....... fashion brands I know, but I cant stretch to the Tissot and Hamilton I've seen that I like the look of.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys, to confirm, yes it is an automatic not a quartz movement. Looks like I'll have to see about a service then.......... more money :(
  6. My birth year watch, a 1977 Seiko 6139-7060 which I've had for about a year has always worked perfectly. A couple of months ago however, I noticed the chronograph hand no longer resets to zero, it runs fine, starts and stops OK, but when you reset it the minute counter at the 6 o'clock position resets to zero, but the central chreonograph hand for the seconds resets to 2 seconds past the zero/12 o'clock position. Is this a known thing for this model at all with an easy fix, or (and I suspect is more likely the case) does it need tinkering with and adjusting inside? If its an adjustment/service that's needed to get it running properly again, do you have any idea how much that would cost? Here's a couple of pictures of the watch.... Where the chrono hand resets to: Model number on caseback:
  7. Hey, I've recently seen and fallen in love with a single handed Meistersinger Pangea, but unfortunately they are waaaaayyyyy out of my budget, so have been looking at alternatives. There are cheapo russian ones on ebay by Luch, but at 36mm are too small. Alpha do a really nice one called a sundial watch, but at 46.5mm is too big! Then I saw Roy does the RLT64, which is a good size at 40mm, the only problem being I really dont like the handset on it. Am I right in thinking RLT watches are pretty much made in small numbers, or to order? If thats the case, would Roy be able to change the hand for a straight style (like on a meistersinger) like the second hand on an RLT 70/74/78, something like that. I'm not fully decided for definate yet if I want this though, just checking things out; knowing if the hand could be customised (I don't have the knowledge or skill to change it myself) by Roy, that would definately be a factor in making a decision.
  8. Has anybody seen or had anything to do with WeWood watches? Theyre quite gimmicky, and I expect won't be to a lot of peoples taste, but I quite like the quirkiness of them, certainly very different and unusual, I havent seen them before. They're basically a bog standard Miyota quartz movement (same one as in my Hanhart-esque beater), but the case and strap is made out of wood. Anyway, I think they're quite cool, and am considering buying the "Alpha" model, just wondered if anyone had any experience with them at all?
  9. I've recently seen a Meistersinger single hand watch, and love the simple design and quirkiness of a single hand to tell the time - put unfortunately a Meistersinger is well out of my price range! I've seen a few others (Defakto, Karl Falk) but again, they seem to come in a £400+ and I'm really only wanting to spend around £100. There are some cheapo ones like Luch on eBay, but they're too small, only like 36mm width. Are there any other single hand watches with a decent width of around 42mm or so, that come in around £100??
  10. Robert75, thanks for the info, I expect it will look odd to a native Arabic speaker, and the spelling is not necessarily the same ad the sound, really I'm wanting it written so it reads with the right sound, so "Iyan" is pretty true to how it's pronounced. I have tried to work it out myself from the Internet, but it's very difficult, and seems (to me) its a very phonetic way of writing - but I'm far from competent at it! If you know how to write Arabic, would you be able to write the names for me as they should properly be written? As you say the Michaela above is michail with an "a" on the end, would this still be pronounced Michaela, and how would it be written differently as feminine? This is very confusing, but is something I'd really like, just need to get someone to write it correctly for me., I think I need an Arabic speaking person though, rather than an internet translation.
  11. Hi, me and my wife are getting tattoos soon, and would also like to get each others names somewhere, but would like it to be in arabic, as it looks more subtle, and my wife lived and grew up in Bahrain before we met, so she has a link and family there, but was never taught arabic (British school). She had a necklace made while she lived there which was supposed to be her name in arabic (formed in one piece of gold), but as its in one piece with no gaps, its hard to see what the proper writing is like, so I thought I'd look on the internet to find out how it should be written, and also how to write my own name. But different websites show our names in different ways, so now I'm not sure what the correct way of writing them would be!! If anyone knows how to write arabic, could they please write our names for me, my name is Ian and my wife is Ruth Michaela.
  12. Thanks for the replies, I didn't realise the Swiss made ones were a special selection at a different price until I looked at the website again. I don't think I'll be looking at getting one of those at that price, but I might have another look at the quartz and mechanical ones in the £100-150 range which they have in the shop. I actually really like the Nate design (as above), but I just don't think my thin wrists could take the size of it, would just look too big.
  13. Hi, just wanted to ask what people's opinions are on Fossil watches. I know they're not a traditional watch maker, and are considered a fashion brand, but I was looking at their watches in a Fossil Store the other day, and I think they're really nice looking, especially considering the price point of £115 - £140 region. They do both quartz and mechanical movements, and are described on the website (and signed on the dial) as "Swiss Made" - does this only have to mean the parts are Swiss made, or does it mean the watch is actually assembled in Switzerland? Has anyone had any experience with Fossil watches to judge on the quality/feel of them?
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