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  1. Yeah, I see more and more being sold in the UK that are clearly Indian redials. Seems to be the case! There's huge choice and variety. There's always something of interest. Not everything on there is faked or frankened. eBay is certainly looking ripe for competition in my view and it's developing over time. Its competitors are not a single global marketplace though: They are more fragmented. But that's how the market is developing, so so be it. Yes, it's very worrying. Also worrying is how fake items that are reported are often not withdrawn when they have already received bids. One cannot help but observe that it is in eBay's financial interest to allow successful sellers and auctions for high value fake items to continue as they generate fees for eBay and it is likely that most buyers will not raise a case in time or at all.
  2. Well done! What a relief. In the end, did you destroy the watch or did you send it back to the seller? I think this point about keeping the evidence is very important. Don't let a third party destroy anything for you. Did eBay not refund you?
  3. They use specially bred metal shell Swiss oysters harvested from the waters of Lake Geneva...
  4. Badly repainted dial, is it? Did it come from India?
  5. Just catching up with this. Note that the second of the three documents does not appear for me: It has been replaced with an image saying that it violates Photobucket's terms of use! Has the watch actually been destroyed? There is nothing in the two documents that are still visible that suggests that the watch has actually been destroyed. There is only a request in the third document for you to give consent for Cartier to destroy the watch (which is understandable from their perspective). You are, however, under no obligation to agree to them destroying it -- it is your property and you might conceivably have need of it as evidence. Personally there are no circumstances in which I would willingly allow a third party such as Cartier/Richemont to destroy my property (counterfeit or otherwise) and nor should you! If you still have the watch then return it to the seller by RMSD. Video or thoroughly photograph the packing process. Also, have you communicated with eBay by phone so as to speak to someone who can reason more meaningfully and intelligently than would usually be the case with the standardised, semi-automated procedure? There's no point making legalistic threats at this stage. It is not yet necessary.
  6. Yeah, a lot of the alleged Oris watches on eBay are out and out fakes.
  7. Have a look here: https://samvincenzo.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/seiko-yellow-monster/ Picture credit: https://samvincenzo.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/seiko-yellow-monster/
  8. Yup, I agree, Monster bracelets on their own are expensive to buy. I'm sure you'll be able to get some somewhere eventually. You can also check out Watchuseek. There's a minimum post requirement on their too but I don't recall what it is for WTBs.
  9. If you can't find a source locally then it might be worth contacting Alpha themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if a replacement movement was actually cost effective.
  10. I think it's because (1) they are the base models and most WISs aspire to something higher in the range and (2) they are small by modern standards. That said, when the old Air-King was retired and the Oyster Perpetuals were revamped (was that 2015 or 2016, I've lost track now!?), there was a rush of interest in the OPs. The grape dial got a bit of interest, which surprised me.
  11. Not many people even know about the yellow Monster. Personally I've only got a small Monster collection but I'd love to collect a full set, including all the special editions. Would cost a fortune now, though. One must not forget the 6R15 Monsters and the Land Monsters as well.
  12. Frustrating. As Trigger says, if they can't acknowledge it via their own system then see if you can take it to email. Another approach (if they agree to it) is to upload all the docs to your own website and then send them a link to them or use Dropbox or similar.
  13. When you say you've uploaded the images and text 4-5 times, do you mean that your uploads have not been successful? Or were you able to upload successfully? Assuming your uploads were successful then don't worry, it sounds like it's grinding its way forwards. It's all normal from what I've seen myself and heard. This is probably larger than most eBay buyer protection claims so it's not surprising that eBay want all the evidence necessary.
  14. All same size here on Firefox on Windows 10.
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