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  1. Do you do it that regularly that you can'y pop by the local AD?
  2. Has anyone got an Omega Seamaster (2254.50) on an omega rubber strap & will it fit on a Planet Ocean rubber strap?
  3. Very nice, out of interested where did you dig up the background info about the watch?
  4. There is also one in Aberdeen, atleast a couple still kicking about
  5. Nice pictures man, how long after turning of the lights did you take the lume shot? Great looking watch :eek:
  6. Very nice, the black/silver on the rubber band is excellent. I was looking at an orange PO 45.5 today and It was suprisingly nice but not as good as that colour combo on a rubber strap!
  7. Replacing the case back might be the best bet esp if its a sport model with a high waterproofing.
  8. Are you asking for a GBP ot USD price?
  9. There have already been a number of government and military buildings removed, particularly from Northern Ireland. Anyone found friends or family yet?
  10. Fantastic :ph34r: glad he explained otherwise you would hardly notice
  11. Welcome, i hope you find it as interesting as I have!
  12. Its great how welcoming everyone is! Cheers guys.
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