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  1. I'd say to any watch collector that an original Accutron is a must. A unique movement and with the watches coming in so many different styles that you will surely find one you like. Is it the best movement for a watch? I don't know, but the timepiece in question here is just shy of 50 years old, still looks good, and keeps time to 2 seconds a day. There's even an Accutron sitting on the moon. Beat that! I'd never heard of scripto view lighters but now I want one and I don't even smoke!
  2. I put in a new battery on 1st December and the watch has been going like a train since then. I think the next time I see this happen I will take more careful note of what is actually going on. Thanks everyone for your input.
  3. Thanks Moustachio, the best suggestion so far I think. The fork is vibrating but not vigorously enough to cause the pawl finger to move sufficiently to rotate the index wheel by one tooth. Any advance on that? I would think that at any one time there are many Accutrons out there in a run down state. Is that stopped Accutron in your collection actually still humming?
  4. Many thanks to Who.Me? for his descripton of the tuning fork movement. The watch is running perfectly. All I have done is fit a new battery which I expected to have to do. I think the watch is just fine. I think my question now is really just this: is it possible for a weak power source to cause an Accutron movement to hum but not have the energy to drive the hands?
  5. Thanks everybody for your suggestions, and my apologies for a tardy response which I will blame on the Hamburg Christmas markets! This was my first ever Accutron and was serviced by you know who back in 2009 and has been used occasionally since then. This year in February I decided to wear it as my everyday watch and put in a newish battery expecting to get 9 or 10 months out of it. So grinding to a halt in December was not a surprise. It had run with typical Accutron accuracy of a couple of seconds a day for that period. I put in another new battery in December and it has been worn pretty well every day since and again has run like a dream so I think I can say that there is nothing much wrong with the watch. Which brings me back to my original query that if it hums it must surely be running therefore the second hand should move. Now it is possible that I am mistaken and that in fact when I heard it humming the second hand did move, but in order to hear it hum I picked it up to listen. I see now I should have listened to it without touching it, and also used a mirror so I could see the hands. I’ll do that next time. But my feeling is that it was humming all the time. OR Is it possible for a weak power source to cause an Accutron movement to hum but not have the energy to drive the hands? Thanks again.
  6. My 1967 Accutron 218 ground to a halt yesterday. OK, flat battery I thought as it’s been going for 10 months on what was not quite a new 344. BUT - the watch was still humming and if I tapped it or moved it the second hand would start up again for a little while, just like a run-down spring watch. But if it hums it must surely be running? Searching various forums suggest the indexing wheel must be damaged but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I could see the wheel rotating and if that's rotating then surely the hands should be moving? Anyway, I popped in a new battery and it's been running fine for nearly a day and is absolutely spot on. Weird? Or not? Any explanations welcome. Thank you.
  7. Hi Mike. Funnily enough I've seen the very same thing with my IWC hummer. Some nights it gains 10 minutes, other nights not. I don't believe it is due to any external interference. It seems to me that hummers aren't very accurate when not being worn. I've left several running at the same time unworn, and they all have drifted to varying degrees by large margins (and I mean hours) after a few weeks. I'm sure the forum experts will be able to clarify what is happening. Regards, Steve.
  8. Hi Paul, I happen to own one of these too (not in s/steel though!) and very handsome on the wrist it is too in my opinion. It's on my list of watches to be sent to the sea-side sometime for some R&R, but tell me - did you have any insurmountable problems in servicing this oddity? Thanks, Steve.
  9. Hi Paul, is there a dummy's guide to how the quartz control and the balance wheel relate to one another, i.e. which bit does what? Seems to me in my ignorance that they are competing with one another. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  10. This singular feature prompted even me into some action. I dug out my old school protractor, blew up the image and measured the angle between two teeth as best I could. My guess is 12 teeth. None the wiser about the purpose. Month indicator perhaps? It's hard to believe the rivet was meant to be visible. Good one to solve!
  11. Thanks for that. I can see I need to learn to look at the small print! Regards, Steve.
  12. Hi there. In response to your question via another topic I'm pleased to report that the Dynabeat looks great on the wrist and gains about 10 seconds a day when worn - a tribute to Timex and the Hawk! Regards, Steve.
  13. Hi, I might be interested in this one but for some reason I cannot add a reply to your sales posting. Perhaps you can contact me at steve.beetlestone@btinternet.com ? Thank you.
  14. It's truly difficult to find fault with this watch (except that it's not mine). Shame no-one seems to know what CFL stands for. Or is it CLF, or GFL, or GLF? Whatever it is, it's a mystery still.
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