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  1. Hi all. Have a seiko monster that the hands have somehow got of sync on, certainly have not dropped it and cannot recall it getting knocked, but anyway, the hour and second hand are about 20 minutes out of line. Any ideas how this can be sorted, have taken back off but could not see winder release! Thanks guys Jon
  2. Thanks Alan, rooted through my batteries and found one the right size, an sr626 and seems to be running OK at be moment so fingers crossed. Thanks for your help Regards Jon
  3. Thanks Alan. Module number is 2716,the only manual I have found does not have any Information about the battery! Jon
  4. My fault, but took old battery ages ago but did not get around to putting a new one in or make a note of what battery it was, DOH! Watch is about ten years old I suppose, any idea how I can find out what battery it should be? Thanks Jon
  5. Any chance that there is anyone out there that can have a look at this, its a cheapie but of sentimental value to a friend of mine. Needs a new battery does run when one is fitted, but winder stem will not stay in and when in cannot adjust time etc. Just wondering if it is repairable or just a gonna! Thanks Jon
  6. Hi there, Been lumbered with a cheapy watch to fix but have not got any spring bars long enough, the width for spring bar to fit in is 27mm!! anyone know where I may find such beasts!! cheers Jon
  7. This one today, well at the moment!Happy christmas all. Jon
  9. Happy new year to you all, I know its a bit early but I suffer from premature congratulations! :cheers: JON
  10. sounds like your gonna have a great time later james, one that will be well worth the wait, good company,good food, good wine, have a great time. We have managed to stop cameron(12), known as the whiz on here getting up till nearly 8:30, but he is busting now for a pressy. family round later so food and booze, then ultimately feeling stuffed and wind to follow. happy christmas to you all here, on what surely is the friendliest forum on the net. Jon
  11. One of my customers fell in love with these e few weeks ago, at the time there was a £200 off promotion, so he picked himself up this one:- http://s630.photobucket.com/albums/uu28/smatidog/?action=view&current=160910001.jpg Nice looking piece, titanium body so quite light, he said the s/steel ones were very heavy (which I would like the feel of better). A very nice watch, especially with the £200 off!!
  12. smartidog

    Two Plus

    insane...............quite apt I thought!!
  13. *steps up* Normally I'm just a sad nut instead of a sad statistics nut, but anyway here goes... If the distribution of birthdays is approximately random (which is probably isn't, because I suppose people have more sex at some times of the year than at other times ...but lets just say it's approximately random). ...Then the odds would be about 42 to one that nobody will have a birthday on any given day (so if you had bet a pound at those odds that nobody was going to have a birthday today, you'd have made about 42 pounds). are you implying in your answer that some people have sex more than once a year!! what is the world coming too, get the buggers married off, that'll slow em down a bit.........how do i get this bloody ring off!!
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