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  1. I’m obviously not in your earnings bracket by A long way then. What it must be like..
  2. Might one ask, how much would it cost to service a Railmaster?
  3. Likewise I love the face, elegant and simple.
  4. saw these on facebook marketplace, such a bargain at.....£12,345! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2010437539078351/ £12,345 Mid Century Vintage Starburst / Sunburst Clocks... More https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2010437539078351/
  5. Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin.. complete rusting crap bucket! Cost thousands in carburettor rebuild, body work repair, new exhaust etc etc. Broke down 3 times! sold it to a dodgy Eastern European toe rag who tried to chiv me even at at a bargain (Never Again!)
  6. Look at all the adverts on, other... sites..?
  7. Interesting ‘feature ‘ (or just weird (: ) love the period ad, thanks !
  8. Much obliged, err, when I press in the stud, it stops for about a minute, then re starts. What’s it for?
  9. Had this old sat in a box for a few years, and I didn't record the model number or year at the time ( and now I've totally forgotten duh) Amazingly, found a battery and she runs fine! Next to my 1974 seamaster for size. Thanks folks..
  10. Whats the story then? Fell in a pressure cooker/autoclave? Found lodged in a buffalos' rear end?
  11. It’s a lovely looking clock, do yourself a favour, get it serviced properly..
  12. well recommended, makes an excellent read, and in an entertaining Gaiman type way
  13. Probably an Elliot or Smiths movement, I have similar bulkhead clock..
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