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  1. Me too and my father was just the same
  2. Not to my taste but a wonderful gesture. I'm sure it will find a caring home.
  3. I agree. We are now in the 21st Century and all shop owners need to grasp the passing trade as well as the internet trade
  4. Me too. Particularly as I never set out to go watch shopping but if something catches my eye ....
  5. People are all so bizarre - 'part from us
  6. You beat me to it - Casio, specifically G-Shock for me
  7. Vostok - great value and tough as old diving boots
  8. Of the 12 I own, only 2 have been worn in May. Time,possibly, to have a clear out!
  9. Des

    Anyone Got An Rlt6?

    http://i673.photobucket.com/albums/vv96/dmpl/DSCF5680.jpg[/IMG] I'll try again! Here's mine from approx 2011
  10. At 02:27 I'm wearing this:
  11. I would like to think they would be shared out between my children and grandchildren - perhaps I should formalise this
  12. Once a week watch change is enough excitement for me these days
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