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  1. Hi Bill, there's a guy on the T-Z UK forum with a WTB for a one handed watch. I've replied mentioning yours and suggesting I could ask you for your contact details if he's interested but not a member. If the watch is still available I'll happily forward your email to him via PM if you like.



    ps  Seems we share part of a signature :-)

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    2. grey


      Hi Huw, Don't know if you visit T-Z UK at all but there is an entertaining  'Draft' thread where people put on all those responses they decided not to make directly to posts.

      At 8.20am I placed this:

      Well I see you've followed up one of the leads we gave you on your WTB. But have you thanked (or even thanks but no thanks) either of us?

      Of course not, you ignorant little ********.

      At 8.45am this appeared on the original WTB:

      Thanks Guys..

      The Meistersinger looks nice, but alas has sold already.
      The RLT looks a little odd with a second hand..

      Keep the alternatives coming.

      Oh the power of free speech.

      Kind regards



    3. bill love

      bill love

      Im not on T-ZUK perhaps I should pop in.

      thx again for the ad



    4. grey


      T-Z was nearly sold last week, but thankfully not. There are no moderators except the owner, so that you can use words like ars*hole without getting automatically censored, I spent lost of my time on RLT but it got terribly quiet a year or two ago and now T-Z is my first port. There is a 'Bear Pit' which can go from very funny to personal vendetta in no time, but the members quickly learn who the trolls etc are and put them on 'ignore'. Well worth a look. :-)


  2. Thanks for that Andy; got a similar response on the Sheffield forum, so shall feel comfortable recommending Steve. Graham
  3. A friend is hoping to recommission his father in law's 25 year service presentation Omega to use as a regular wearer. It's early 1960s 9ct gold manual wind with engraved snap-on case back, and also needs an Omega (or copy) crown, and obviously not worth a fortune. Any help any members can offer in suggesting a someone to service it and replace the crown would be very welcome. Friend lives Teesside, but location not important. I've previously used Steve at Rytetime, but only for Seikos, so don't know if he 'does' Omegas. Thanks in advance, G
  4. Placed a Wanted just before the Bank Holiday, for an extra-long 18mm black strap to wear on an old Seiko Sea Horse, hopefully to persuade myself that I didn't need to invest in a new SARB035 or similar. The excellent Alan (Bladerunner) PM'd me to say he had such a strap and I could have it for nowt! I received it this morning, posted 1st Class Signed For, and a quick pic is below. What a nice gesture, what a nice strap, what a gent! ps. I don't know if any other RLT-ers know it but Alan is the UK agent, for the Nigerian Crown Prince Bradford'N'Bingli's diamond mines, and he's offered
  5. Hi All, I know there are members of the forum who like Perlon straps (mach, perhaps, for one); so do I and have several of Roy's. Anyway, just before Christmas I was looking on the bay of evil for a long 16mm lug/10mm buckle strap for my wife's old Zenith and found one on an Australian site. They also had a number of these NOS 1970s Eulit from West Germany woven nylon straps in 18mm and 20mm in blue, maroon and grey I ordered a 20mm grey and it arrived this morning. The packaging was excellent and the strap and its labels were 'out of box' fresh, not a sign of age at all.. Best of all
  6. Hi All, This afternoon I got a Christmas phone call from an old retired cycling friend. In the course of talking about retirement hobbies, he mentioned that he had a black faced Rolex pocket watch with 'an inverted V and an a number on the back'. It was given to him twenty or thirty years ago by his boss in the NHS department they worked in. His boss had been in the Fleet Air Arm, and my pal,who couldn't think why he should be the recipient of such an unexpected gift, speculated that his boss had possibly 'forgotten to give it back' when he left the service! Anyway other than saying that m
  7. Looks astonishing value; a lume shot would be nice if you could? Graham
  8. I do like that 6139-8020 - they did some excellent colour combos - I particularly like your brown/cream with brown strap. I've got an ink blue version (below), but have never warmed to it, yet whenever I see one of the lighter blue two tone versions I wonder why they aren't more popular. Here's mine, plus a Darth 6139 and a 6139-6012 in a colour mix I've never seen before (usually face and chapter ring colours are the opposite way round) -apologies for pic - it's the only one in photobucket ATM. The other is one of my 'keepers', a Weekdater from 1966, which I never manage to show to its be
  9. Relief at last :) I've just 'toggled my editing mode' (on a Friday as well :eek: ) and the icons have lit up again. Shall now edit my 'thank you' to RLT in my sales post. G
  10. I'm not sure what you're asking but a post toolbar can be collapsed by a tinny arrow button on the right side above the post box. Check if you have pressed by mistake... Thanks for that, I can un/collapse the toolbar, but the toolbar won't light up, it's just 'background' faded blue and the icon buttons can't be activated. fFor instance if I switch to 'Use Full Editor' the toolbar momentarily lights up and then dies. G
  11. Hi All, Having a problem with posting in rich text and can't find the appropriate (or any) toolbars in My Settings. Any help gratefully accepted Best regards Graham
  12. Like his earlier work that you mention, Chris, but i've found his latest stuff very formulaic - there's always an amazingly good descriptive chapter of a civilain as a passenger in an RAF Tornado, or a clapped out Russian freight plane over the Himalalyas, or a mule ride over a mountain pass, but the bits joining these together get me wondering if the guy really inhabits the same space as the rest of us. Wish Len Deighton hadn't stopped, but in a very similar way he was best when writing about the cold war; like le Carre, get him into industry,banks, films, pharmaceuticals and the plot credibi
  13. A Seiko Weekdater 6206 8110 from March 1966 when all my parts were young and working properly.
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