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  1. Well, you certainly misinterpreted my post, that's for sure. I'm not going to dwell on it, life's too short. No hard feelings on my side. Really? Is it me you don't like? The forum? Or both? Thanks for your input Stan, if only it was so clear cut. The tone you use is critical and patronising and suggests so much. It was in my possession (for less than a week) and yes, it is now not as described. I have in no way abused this watch, it has 'existed' in my possession. It was used and described as such but was also described as working fine; a G-Shock has a rating of 20bar, the watch has not been exposed to water in my possession. Unfortunately, all this (in my opinion) is immaterial. Caveat Emptor may well be true, especially on E-Bay and Gumtree but not so clear cut and dried in a community full of like minded Individuals, i wonder if this had happened to a member with a higher post count than me, you would be so dismissive? Well, you certainly misinterpreted my post, that's for sure. I'm not going to dwell on it, life's too short. No hard feelings on my side. Really? Is it me you don't like? The forum? Or both? I'm sorry Stan, my intent was not to offend and i hope i did not. Having said that, your opening gambit was unambiguous and hard to misinterpret. I'm afraid i was raw at the time and i bit. 'The watch arrived in good condition, you used it and it’s now broken?'
  2. I have seen the sellers reply and am a bit nonplussed to be honest. If he is such an outstanding pillar of the Internet WIS community, and the matter is merely 'a couple of quid', then why would he risk losing his reputation over such a small sum? I just doesn't get it. Maybe a matter of principle if he, as said in his reply in his sales thread, took everything with the watch at point of sale as being ok ???? I've never had a watch including more than half a dozen G-Shocks, I've still got four, that have came out of a sealed tin filled with condensation. Same here BondandBigM, many G-Shocks, many models as well as other makes and it's never happened to me either, until now. This is one reason why I'm asking for a refund, because it is unusual and suspicious.
  3. Why buy a G-Shock, with its amazing ruggedness and 20bar water resistance rating, and then remove it to wash your hands? Really? Are we getting the whole truth? Just asking of course. And to balance the above, no matter old the watch was, it's apparently misted up without being near water, which it really shouldn't do, no matter how perished the gaskets are. And if the gaskets were so perished that moisture in the air can get in, I find it hard to believe that the seller didn't know this. However, 5hit happens, sometimes coincidentally, i.e. within a week of being in new hands, and I'm in agreement that the seller has to accept the watch back for a full refund or loose all credibility from the forum. When I sold a two and half year old Speedbird III GMT a while back, the new owner (total numpty) took a shower in it. Needless to say the watch misted up and he got back to me asking to return it for a full refund. I wrestled with it for a while because as far as I was concerned, he bought a watch out of warranty and then put it in a situation which, without the proper testing, could have compromised the watch, so his own fault. He kept banging on about the 100m WR and how he'd bought it as a holiday watch but it was useless without WR. Would anyone really consider a Speedbird III as a swimming watch? Of course not. Anyway, because it was a forum sale and I like the forum and want to remain part of the forum, I took the hit. I got the watch serviced and pressure-tested, and sold it at a price that covered this, and the new buyer had 12 months warranty. Happy days! From then on, when I've listed an older watch without warranty I always state "Water resistance cannot be guaranteed" Regardless of what the real reason for the misting is, the seller needs to take the hit. It's how the forum community works and hopefully keeps buyers and sellers honest. Itsalivejim, I take my watches off at home to wash my hands in the hand basin because I don't want to rattle them against the taps thus damaging them. Yes, you are getting the whole truth and if you don't ask, you don't get! None taken ;) It's a screw back version, not the usual G-Shock four screw back plate. I'm afraid I do not have the tools or equipment to remove a screwback without damaging it. Tried it once a few years back and it didn't end well! In the Initial sales post, there is a link to a Casio website 'for more details' and in that article it states 200m. Thank you very much for your extremely kind offer Roy, it is very much appreciated. If we come to an impasse with negotiations and no agreement is forthcoming, I will take you up on that. See, it's things like this that make Forum life.
  4. Appreciate your input Trigger but I felt his first line was condescending. All down to interpretation I suppose and I was feeling quite raw at the time so maybe that magnified it a bit. agreed. Although this his is a very difficult one as both buyer and seller seemed honourable and from the tone of the email it seems things got a bit personal a bit too quick as frequently happens in these things. Very difficult to judge as agreeing to disagree is probably the best thing here - ultimately the forum reputation would be the priority so either contribution towards repair costs earlier or refund would be the better thing to do. Although saying that i have had very bad experiences in the past with buyers "trying it on" - not saying you are in any way OP. Hope it all gets sorted. Best wishes. I don't think it's so much as 'too personal' Pharmo, may be not personal enough. There was no understanding or empathy on the sellers part just dismissal. Haggis, appreciate what you are saying matey but I feel the Mitadoc may look after his watches as I do mine. If the history is not know, it may be an idea to state this rather than stating in full working order and condition is 98% if this has not been established. I would be very reticent to begin to speculate about the sellers experiences with this particular piece, what happened during his ownership, however long that may have been or his reasons for selling. All I know is it was listed as a reasonably high end G-Shock in 98% condition and fully functional; I would have at least expected it to be waterproof to 200m and NOT to mist up after 3 days in a box after no exposure to water.
  5. First one went like this: I am so sad to hear that. I had never happened to me, but I am very careful with my watches though. I haven`t any idea what you have done with it. And, frankly, I am not responsible for your actions after acquiring it. Meanwhile, I googled the tags g-shock + condensation + moisture+ mist and etc and this is what I found instantly: https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=g-shock+condensation https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=g-shock+moisture https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=g-shock+leak It seems that it`s common issue with many of them. It is very easy and cheap to be fixed - new gaskets for couple of quid. It`s really bad experience,but nothing more. I have never tested the watch for WR, presuming the rating given is real. You can liaise with your Casio dealer: https://www.casio.co.uk/support/services-repair/ I hope this helps. Cheers and best wishes Dim To which I replied thus Hi Dim, thanks for your response though I do take issue; it is not a common problem with them by any means. They are waterproof to 200m and if not, they will take in water which is not a good thing for any watch. Yes, there are examples of G-Shocks with this issue but it is not common and only present on those few that are faulty or not correctly maintained. I appreciate that you are careful with your watches as I am with mine. I have not done ANYTHING to this watch apart from wear it twice and on neither occasion was it exposed to water or moisture. Your advice is taken on board but the fact still remains, I did not buy it from a dealer, I bought it from you. You offered me a full refund when I mentioned the 'S' on the back which I did not have an issue with but now there really is a problem, you seem reluctant to offer the same. Yes, you are not responsible for what I do to the watch but I'd done nothing to it and I've had it for less than a week and, in my book it is not as described. I'm not accusing you of anything and I do not expect you to pressure test your watches but I am not satisfied with it and would encourage you to consider your response and issue a full refund forthwith. Many thanks, Spence His response to this was: Hello Spencer, Walk in my shoes for a while. When you asked for the "S" on the case back, I suggested to refund you. It was the first day and the possibility to do anything bad to the watch was neglible. But a week after is something different. You could have done many things that I am not aware of. I will tell you two stories. In September 2013 I bought a Speedmaster reduced for a fraction of the usual price for a 2nd hand watch. 2 weeks later it stopped running. I sent it the AD and the verdict was 6 weeks and 300 GBP. On 21st of March 2015 I bought Mazda 6 with relatively low mileage below 95k miles. The owner, honourable and prompt 60-years old man, swore many times that the car is impeccable and perfect. 40 days later the car broke on the road near Dorset and the mechanic from the Mazda garage said it was a general engine failure costing me at least 1000 GBP to be fixed. I called the guy and explained the problem and my frustration and embarrassment, of course. He literally said: " buying goods without a warranty and not from the AD, at a fraction of their price as new, always keeps potential risks. But that's why the price is different. This is the life. When you bought the car, it was fine, you liked it. I am not responsible for any of your actions after that and I can't prove whether you have been a caring owner. " Spencer, go to the Casio AD or just a watchmaker and change the gaskets. Tinkering is the charm and part of the hobby. Cheers and have a nice weekend. Dim Mine to this: Dim, a week is nothing. if i was some newbie or someone with a less than stellar reputation (i'll come back to that in a moment) who is also a member of a FORUM that you are a member of, a community of enthusiasts then maybe you could justify your suggestion that i may have done anything to the watch. Exactly what could i have done to cause this watch, a watch a have openly admitted that i really like, to become damaged? I'm not a newbie, i'm not a teenage tinkerer. I am well known in the Watch Forum community and am also a long standing member of the G-Shock Forum and TZ-UK on which i have an impeachable reputation. This reputation is founded on fair play. Walk in my shoes for a while. I sold an Omega 2254.50 to a forum member a couple of years ago. A week after he received it (and he said he loved it) he contacted me and told me that the time keeping was intermittent. He got it checked out and a spring inside was damaged. The repair bill was £250. The guy seemed a straight up guy. I was disappointed as i could in no way prove it was not damaged before shipping. I offered to go halves on the repair which he gratefully accepted. Guess what, my reputation stayed in tact. You see, a reputation is something that takes many, many years to cultivate and grow. You can trade on your reputation as people will trust you to honour deals and be straight with them; not try anything on. As much as it takes years to build, it only takes seconds to destroy, the slightest whiff of a dodgy deed or unfair treatment can tarnish peoples reputations, sometimes destroy them. I am assuming you have absolutely no intention of sending me my refund by your cavalier sign off? How cheaply you value your reputation. The reply to this was: Spencer, Ask what will be the cost of changing the gaskets. Then we can split the cost. I think it's righteous. Cheers Dim By this time my patience was running thin. I appreciate the offer but I don't think I should be the one running around getting it repaired. I'm afraid the time for that has passed. Your accusations and dismissive attitude has left quite a sour taste in my mouth and soured the whole experience. I would like a full refund and an address to which to return the watch, nothing less. This is not an AD or a car purchase from some stranger. This is a community for watch enthusiasts and when things go wrong, it is expected that people stand up and be counted, maintain their reputation. It is not e-Bay or Gumtree. Please be assured, i have in no way messed with the watch, damaged it or mistreated it. Hell, i even took it off to wash my hands! It is unacceptable, not fit for purpose and nothing less than a full refund will suffice. to which I received: And what to do with the watch you flooded? I also have sold many watches here. With no problems. I have been here for years. Don't overreact nor offend. It's not good. Nobody is protected against failures, there is no certain time frame for getting back or refund. It depends on mutual agreement, but I will disagree. Cheers mate Fully agree Ong but, as you can see by one of his replies, his attitude seems to be 'I've been done over in the past, now it's your turn'! Mike, I agree and regret my action which were as a result of my frustrations. However, Caveat Emptor has been quoted here so, in the interests of full disclosure, any potential buyers should be aware of this persons attitude towards sales and buyers.
  6. Ask descriptions go, i was quite convinced i'd be getting a watch that would last at least a week before it's Integrity was compromised: FS is a splendid and gorgeous G-Shock from GIEZ series - featuring full steel body, steel screw back, multiband 6 atomic keeping and solar powering. Great fully analog watch with immaculate 24h stopwatch and 24h countdown timer. The watch is in mint condition , I would rate it at 98% with just a tiny dot on the glass visible from certain angles. No box or papers, but flawless. The watch is already set on home city LON and the perpetual calendar is also correct. You just have to put it on your wrist and enjoy it. I took the trouble of underlining the buzz words but you get the idea. It's not a £40 Amazon special, this is a G-Shock that cost me £150. I'd like to think that something as simple as water resistance was implied and expected. Would it be that clear cut if you were in my position Stan?
  7. Thanks for your input Stan, if only it was so clear cut. The tone you use is critical and patronising and suggests so much. It was in my possession (for less than a week) and yes, it is now not as described. I have in no way abused this watch, it has 'existed' in my possession. It was used and described as such but was also described as working fine; a G-Shock has a rating of 20bar, the watch has not been exposed to water in my possession. Unfortunately, all this (in my opinion) is immaterial. Caveat Emptor may well be true, especially on E-Bay and Gumtree but not so clear cut and dried in a community full of like minded Individuals, i wonder if this had happened to a member with a higher post count than me, you would be so dismissive?
  8. The watch? It's a reasonably high end G-Shock. Received it last Friday, wore it Saturday and Sunday morning. Nothing rough, no sports, gardening or DIY, just casual use. Put it back in it's tin on Sunday evening and everything is fine. Got it out of it's tin this morning andvthe face is completely misted up. Can't see the hands never mind the dial. Seriously, when I wore it I even took it off to wash my hands. I contacted the seller and infofmed him that, as a G-Shock owner of many years, I can see that the integrity of this watch is compromised. I've had it for less than a week and I'm not happy (but all in a non aggressive non confrontational way). His response was basically not my problem, you bought it, it's your problem, contact your Casio AD. Now I tried to reason with him but all he did was comeback with a story about being ripped off buying a Mazda 6 and how these lessons are learned. Not really the community spirit. Just hoping an independant (moderator) could advise.
  9. I know the rules state that sales and trades are taken at risk but would a moderator be prepared to advise on a purchase gone bad from the sales section? I'm having a bit of a 'mare with a member on here who sold me a watch less than a week ago and now it's gone wrong he's basically told me to whistle, tough, hard lines. It does'nt seem to be in the spirit of the community and some assistance and advice would be very welcome.
  10. I know that some Pilots in the Royal Air Force have been issued G-Shocks over the past 10-15 years. I remember distinctly that all the Aircrew on the Unit wore Issued G-Shocks when i was out in Ali-Al-Salem in 1999. Talking to the 'Stackers' out there made me think they were not LPO'd either. Quite a few of the Specialised Infantry Units i've worked with lately wore G-Shocks almost exclusively, however, there were such a cross section of types, i'm pretty sure they were privately purchased.
  11. I've just become a bit of a G-Shock convert to be honest, collection growing slowly but steadily. I'll try to get some pic's up be the end of the week but i'm trying to get colours other than black!
  12. I tried these out last week. Took an old DW-004 and tried a bit of 'Stealth' modding. Cleaned it up, changed the module to a negative display, Micro meshed the 'G' off the button and stuck on the strap adapters. I belive these are the version that fit's the 16mm lug width and should fit most G-Shocks with that size lugs. It is pictured on a 22mm NATO but it looks better on a 24mm. The only 24mm NATO i have is grey so i need to get a 24mm with PVD fittings and all will be well.
  13. Quick 'n' Dirty but there's a couple to compare:
  14. Why not get all of them, like me!
  15. My head says SKX007, my heart says 6306/9. I'd love to come on and spouted about the individuality of the black Knight, the unique Samurai, the quirkiness of the big fat Sumo and it's narrow bracelet, the Tuna and it's many fans, the Monster and the fact that most other Seiko Divers are actually bigger than it so it's possibly a misnomer, but, the fact is, the SKX007/9 and the 6306/9 are loved by enthusiasts and 'Normal people alike. The are just so accessible! They don't cost a bomb, the automatic movements are reliable and bullet proof and they will probably last a lifetime!
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