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  1. I have an old 70s auto diver and keeps great time and has real presence. I also have moremodern auto citizen diver and it is a solid dive watch and has always kept good time. I think citizens are underated to be honest, great watches for the money!
  2. Yeah that has to be one of the nicest mods I have ever seen! Whoever owns that one now has got themselves a lovely unique piece!
  3. Keep it in the family!
  4. RS24

    Seiko Diver

    I think for the money Seiko 7002s are underrated, great old divers, with a touch of retro about them. By the way nice watch box, is it handmade? If so where did you get the velvet watch mounts?
  5. Have to say I really like the watch, do they come with black dial! I'm def in support of the black toshi with yellow stitching! Also dare I say it might look good on brushed lumpy...
  6. Yeah perspective really makes it work! :thumbsup: from me!
  7. No one got any opinions on this?
  8. I'm toying with the idea of buying myself one of these... they are quite different but I think I like it! Has anyone owned one, or have one currently, if so what are they like? General opinions on the watch also welcomed! :thumbsup:
  9. I like a watch with a date, they are undoubtedly both very nice... pros and cons for both, the gloss dial with white gold markers is a bit more sleek, but then the matte is nice and understated and as you say, markers will go that lovely caramel colour... mmmm
  10. I have just been looking into it and still not sure of exact dates when the matte dial 16800 was made. I know I like the slightly more vintage look of the matte dial as opposed to the gloss dial with white gold marker surrounds. But what do the rest of you prefer...
  11. Good choice, I was going to say sell the Oris as chunkier and so probably less waerable! Do love the Oris though as big diver fan and it is def on my list!
  12. As I say I am very tempted it would be a pre '85 I was after, do you know what dates they manufactured the plain matt dials on them from 19xx to 1984? So have you ever owned one?
  13. I have lusted after a submariner for years, has to be my all time grail, and recently started to think with my savings account getting 1% and Rolex’s holding their values so well, maybe just maybe I could justify buying one somehow... At this stage it’s still definitely maybe, but nonetheless have been looking into them and found out that the 16800 matt dial was made in the early 80’s. This is great as not only would it mean the possibility of a birth year grail, but I think the 16800 offers the best of both worlds, vintage matt trit dial but with sapphire crystal and quickset date. So all opinions welcomed, pictures great and if anyone owns one, or has owned one in the past even better! I’m looking for general chat on the watch and more importantly my idea… should I somehow try to justify it and splash out or not!?
  14. I am also a proud owner of an Aqualung, gets a lot of wrist time and relly is great watch!
  15. Happy Birthday mate and good luck with your quest!
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