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  1. Odo


    Great watch, I have the blue version so obviously biased Is that the mesh Dan sends as an option or one of your own? Only asking as I'm looking for one for mine...
  2. Might back it just to see more of that bunny On a serious note I do like the idea of a more adjustable leather strap, just wonder how it will feel on the underside with the ratchet system. I will investigate them further!
  3. I'm on, I like to feel exclusive
  4. I don't recall my S3 doing that and my current Moto G4 doesn't either. Could just be a Vodafone thing? It may be annoying but I'd rather have the updates to the phone and put up with the aggravation Is there anything on the Vodafone website, sometimes tucked away there may be a FAQ link which explains it?
  5. Seen these pop up on the forum every now and again, that seems a good price from what I can remember Bit much to wear at the pool though!!
  6. I love the case style and chrono pushers on the Tutima Tried a few new ones of this, bit tricky, harsh light and clip on phone camera lens but having man flu as well mean't I couldn't be bothered to drag out the camera gear
  7. I've seen these in store in Manchester and they do look very nice in real life, the 3D watch face is really well done. Not sure I could go for one but wear in good health
  8. Saw these in my local Aldi a week or so ago, for the money, two straps and pins is a pretty good deal. I would have bought some but I've nothing to fit them to at the moment
  9. And once the B+R comes off later I'll be sporting this fine specimen recently acquired from Wrench
  10. Not a great picture but a great watch Surprise birthday gift from the missus, she has very good taste..
  11. Not sure if anyone is watching, there is a programme on BBC2 about flying. Just realised that two of the rather posh chaps they are interviewing are the guys behind Bremont watches. There has been no watch talk but the family history is quite interesting and sad, didn't realise their families flying history, the whole aviation thing now makes sense. Not sure if this counts as watch talk but it may do vaguely
  12. Yep sadly Trek based but GoT reference is always a plus
  13. Ah cheers Bruce! Was trying to do it from my ipad and it always plays up with photobucket
  14. Congrats on your purchase! I was very tempted by the date version but went for the no date in the end for ease of use. As to the price, yes they are expensive for a relatively unknown brand but knowing Dan and the effort he puts into each watch I think they are excellent value for money. Gratuitous mine says hello pic Hmm not showing image, will get back to you...
  15. Cheers chaps I have sold some things and wanted to thank the buyers. Will try it again next time I sell or buy something. Ah tried it on my PC and is working, will use it next time
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