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  1. Can you imagine doing this to a dial, looking at your work, and thinking, 'That will do'??!!
  2. Me too (Bull 45 A14) - and I love it! Very nice! hope you enjoy its vastness!
  3. Rolex servicing prices has just gone through the roof, think a recommended independent will be your best bet, unless you have deep pockets. Sounds like the guys in the hoods may have already emptied them!
  4. I know nothing, but would be interested to hear if you get it repaired. Looks to me like it will need some donations to get going.... Best of luck!
  5. Wow! that is a lovely example, looks like it has been sympathetically restored as well. Who repaired it for you?
  6. hI Swatch movements are possibly the loudest ticking quartz watches out there, they use ETA movements. They are not as loud as the Omega Marine Chronometer though, the most accurate quartz watch ever made, and the loudest tick as well!
  7. That is one hell of a display back, more impressive than your usual automatic movement! I guess familiarity breeds contempt....
  8. If you scroll up the pics above there is only one choice. Go vintage!
  9. A real classic and a great investment! Best not to worry about that or it will never get worn.... Congratulations!
  10. Simply fantastic... Thank you for sharing all your hard work! Simon
  11. Point or no point, that is a lovely watch..... Just got to atsrt your 1000m collection now!
  12. Hi, thanks for letting me know, am ok for parts at the moment, got a donor 2182g movement which has been useful. I have completed the date side and have fitted the tuning fork and units, it is going smoothly so far but progress is very slow owing to lack of time. Once this one is done I have an accuquartz, a ladies accutron and a spaceview to service for my own collection. I reckon that one of them may be finished by christmas but that may be a little hopeful. Cheers, Simon
  13. Fantastic photographs and a great job! These are lovely watches... Simon
  14. Hello Lebaron Welcome to the forum from another newcomer, There is plenty to drool over here! Best wishes, Simon
  15. Progress is slow on the 2182....I only get about 20 minutes a day to get on with it and today I spent all of this time getting the tuning forks clean. Now that all the parts have been cleaned I will start to put the movement back together over the coming days. I would like to have this watch back on my wrist and I hope that this will make progress a bit quicker! Cheers Simon
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