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  1. Hi, thanks for the responses, I will try that.
  2. Hello, I have an omega sensor quartz from 1980 which seems to have developed a fault, Im no expert and hope that someone on here is. The watch keeps good time and all the function work however the display constantly flashes. I know this usually means it needs a new battery but this has been like this for 3 months and the battery isnt that old. This may still be the cause so I am open to this as a solution. the watch has a sensor on the front which is used to adjust it, by sliding the finger along the sensor you can adjust the setting depending on what mode you are in. here is the odd bit The watch stops flashing when I touch this sensor , this make me think its more than the battery. any help appreciated, even if its the name of someone who can look at it for me.
  3. cheers you may not get all the Oris you want though for £800 i like this one
  4. yes I am pleased the new glass makes all the difference
  5. I have owned 4 orisi (plural for Oris is Orisi or is it Orises?) They are very good, I did however have a terrible time when I sent off a vintage one for a full refurb, they were clueless and it came back broken, but a new one wont go wrong so enjoy yourself 2 model classics
  6. I recently posted a wanted ad for a new crystal for my Omega F300. I eventually got one off ebay and had it fitted today. My work colleague told me he could polish up cases & bracelet etc for a small fee and I took him up on it. He did a really good job and I have commissioned him for more work. Anyhow I thought I would post before and after photos and show you what a total spend of £50 can do for a watch. Before After
  7. What resources are out there to help me find out how old a Tag Heuer watch is from its serial number etc. Something like the Jayhawks Seiko production date calculator would do very nicely.
  8. I own lots of watches and have never bought one from an AD. Buying from the USA/abroad may mean import duty but buying from the web is usually safe if you check out the dealer first and use a credit card that has purchase protection (not all do). nice watch though.
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