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  1. It was an off-road rally/reliability trial, sponsored by Camel cigarettes and Land Rover, ran until 2000 ish, presumably, by then, having a tobacco company as the main sponsor was a bit of a no-no.
  2. You're right of course, I was taking the opportunity to poke fun at our hobby. For me, if it comes from a brand famous for something other than watches it's fashion regardless of movement or price, with some exceptions like Cartier who have been making watches longer than some 'proper' manufacturers.
  3. In my opinion, all of them, we buy them because we think they say something about who we are (or who we would like to be) either to ourselves or to others or we buy them for the shinyness or for the mattness or for the complexity or the simplicity or the history or the futurosity. For most people, a wristwatch is no longer a necessity and so, by extension, they are a fashion, obviously those of us who choose to wear watches are intelligent & sophisticated and those who go bare wristed are not.
  4. As others have said, if you like it, buy it, having said that, what about a Tag Heuer for a decent watch that even non-watch people recognise? Or buy a cheaper quartz fashion brand to impress and spend the rest on a nice Longines, Oris, Certina etc.
  5. I just sang that whole thing in my head to Ode to Joy and it scans perfectly, chapeau sir
  6. Wrong colour, should have been BRG or Ecurie Ecosse Flag Blue (insert flag waving emoji)
  7. Since it's the 9th, It's Sturmanskie Day, not that there's any link there, it's just that the date wheel's stuck at 9, so I can only wear it one day a month.
  8. For some reason, the sub style homages never bother me as much, perhaps because there are more varieties, many of which, including your nice example above, aren't direct copies, whereas the puddlemaster definitely was. Totally with you on the mercedes hands and cyclops, never liked either.
  9. I had an Alpha "Seamaster", pretty solid thing really, the bracelet weighs a ton, but I felt a bit weird wearing something that so closely resembled a well known watch, plus the single domed mineral crystal distorted horribly, so I turned it into this.
  10. Love the part where he's demonstrating how difficult it is to use existing methods like watch cushions "They're frustrating" he complains as he tries to balance the watch on a watch tree, demonstrating a lack of manual dexterity that's alarming in man who's using a circular saw in the same video.
  11. Same again I'm afraid, home build SM300 ish homagey thing, this time with a brown leather NATO, wondering what kind of steel bracelet would work with it?
  12. Be carefull, the Strela chronograph range is a bit weird these days, there seems to be at least 2 different companies selling watches under that name, not to mention the older Strela and Sekonda 3017 originals. As has been pointed out previously, some of the current versions use a Seagull movement and there are quartz versions using the Seiko mecha-quartz movement, even the 3133 based versions seem to come in 2 sizes 38mm & 42mm.
  13. Same as yesterday, trying out different straps, today is the turn of the "what we used to think was a bond strap, then the Blu-Ray came out and turned out it wasn't, then they put one in 'Spectre' so now it kind of is a Bond again" nylon.
  14. Wearing my recently completed, home built SM300 homage. complete with slightly dodgy home-made bezel insert (my own fault, I shouldn't have lumed the indices and numbers).
  15. https://www.orientwatchusa.com/products/saa0200bd9 Solid end links, sapphire crystal, 120 click bezel, more lume, they only ship within the US and Canada though.
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