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  1. Reminiscent of some of the Poljot Strelas. Agree about the weirdly nibbled digits though, either fit them in or leave them off.
  2. I have one and, although I haven't stripped the threads, they do feel a little delicate. I reckon you could cross thread them with just a moments inattention. Other than that can't fault it, particularly at the available prices, R.R.P is hugely optimistic though.
  3. Lunch with my wife's friends, I'm wearing my Rotary legacy diver, one of the guests says "Wow!", grabs my wrist, stares at the watch for a second, then pushes my hand away as says "Hmph, not a Rolex".
  4. Some of them are downright bizarre though, a fountain pen watch? Marketing dept: "How can we gouge more money out of middle aged men with a penchant for obsolete technology?" Plus the watch part has to attach to the pen part, I could acheive the same top-heavy awkward balance by duct taping a Seiko to a Parker.
  5. I did exactly the same, spent hours trying to figure out where the screw were
  6. I don't think that the SW200 uses screws to secure the dial, it uses little clamps in the same manner as the ETA 2824, you flick them open, fit the dial and push them closed.
  7. Well, the original plan was to use a 2824 or similar (I like a sweepy second hand), but to keep it under budget, I went for what claimed to be an Asian 2824 clone, in hindsight, I should have bought an actual Seagull ST2130, but I bought an un-branded version, which is the same size and hand fitting as a 2824, but beats at 21600, still, I can't complain too much, it was £24 and runs at about +8s per day, I'll probably get an ST2130, or maybe an SW200 when this dies. It all went together suprisingly easily, the most time consuming part was making the bezel which still has a few flaws so I'll probably have another go at that, it was fun to do, but probably not cost-effective, given that I could have bought a used Alpha or Parnis as a base and just changed the dial and hands.
  8. I built this for under £100, although I already had the tools and the lume paint and the decal paper for the bezel. But the OP's looking to make something truly custom, not a bitsa from Ebay parts, I'm guessing you won't be able to do that for under £100.
  9. Probably, I'm reminded of the episode of Red Dwarf where Holly invents decimal music
  10. 19 units? Weird number for a decimal watch 10 or 100 sure, but 19?
  11. Another one from the archives, this was, and remains, my main mountain biking and snowboarding watch.
  12. TIme to give some of the older watches an airing. Animal Future, titanium case and custom fit bracelet with an oddly shaped crystal that will be impossible to replace when it gets damaged, what's not to like
  13. I've got one of the Swiss made (or at least 60% by value swiss made) legacy models, had it a year, worn it a lot, keeps good time, looks nice, nothing's fallen off, crown threads feel a bit delicate, ceramic insert, sapphire crystal, RRP is a bit high but available with big discounts, bit of a dress diver, but I like it.
  14. It was an off-road rally/reliability trial, sponsored by Camel cigarettes and Land Rover, ran until 2000 ish, presumably, by then, having a tobacco company as the main sponsor was a bit of a no-no.
  15. You're right of course, I was taking the opportunity to poke fun at our hobby. For me, if it comes from a brand famous for something other than watches it's fashion regardless of movement or price, with some exceptions like Cartier who have been making watches longer than some 'proper' manufacturers.
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