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  1. Been busy this week, I've had the Casio G-Shock Mudman on. Old photo because I can't be bothered to take/upload another
  2. I almost bought a Mk2 GTI a couple of years ago, sometimes I wish I had as it was a nice one but at the time it was going to be a daily and I didn't want to ruin a genuine rust free car by doing 10k+ miles per year in it, they're great cars though
  3. Do they give an estimate of how much this feature extends battery life by? Great for people for have a large collection and may go a week or 2 without wearing a certain piece
  4. I might have just added a Volkswagen Golf Mk3 GTI Anniversary to the list... another project
  5. Very nice, only recently heard about the VHP models, I like them
  6. Took this yesterday but forgot to upload it, still wearing it today though
  7. Choose time mode, pull out the bottom RH button, use the top RH button to select the hour and adjust the hour with the bottom LH button I have to google the manual every time the battery dies, takes 1/4 hour just to set the time and calendar
  8. I like this, it's a new one in my collection. No texture and it's a 24 hour dial so it takes a bit of getting used to, but its clear and easy to read, and way below £500. The bracelet is pants though, if I keep it and get on with it I may purchase a better quality solid link bracelet for it. EDIT: Seiko Samurai can be bought with a white waffle dial which looks great IMO, around the £500 mark
  9. Morning, this one went through a phase of randomly stopping, but it's been on the winder for a few weeks now and has kept good time so time to try it on the wrist again.
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