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  1. glass now replaced - not with the original swatch glass but a gerneic one that fitted. Works fine too
  2. i'd sell it but want to get the glass replaced first. When i was a lot younger i managed to burn it with a soldering iron. (beyond polishing). I put a battery in it today and it works fine, glad i didn't leave an old battery in there.
  3. I've just found my old swatch watch, this was a present sometime around 1984,83? It's the plain black with gold hands one. Anyone know if they are worth anything? Just googled it and found my answer http://www.swatchandbeyond.com/index.php?productID=774
  4. There isn't any date on the watch... i'll try and get a photo from him
  5. It wasa Portsmouth watch, i'll let the fella know to try ebay and expect somethign around £250 upwards then.
  6. It's definitely a divers issue watch, not sure on any action though.
  7. A mate of mine has a CWC navy divers watch numbers below, he's thinking of selling is there much of a market for his watch? 0555/6645-99-7573314 462/95
  8. dont really know, but it went on ebay for £370 the other day (so if u want it for more let me know) :lol:
  9. Having a new mechanism fitted it'll be available within in the next two weeks.
  10. Due to popular demand some extras... pins good solid, one scratch on back, few very small scratches here and there.
  11. actually thats not a bad idea. I'll take it to jewellers anyway just to see what they say they may even offer a trade in as i've seen a nice seiko in their window.
  12. Any repairers out there that know how much it'd cost me to get the copper strip (under battery) either soldered or replaced. I'm taking it to jewellers weekend and need a ball park figure.
  13. Try ebay, you'll probably find some with further info. Basically these were issued to MOD personell for about 5 years from 1993 onwards, this model is a 94. Not sure but it may also be non-magnetic (for mine clearance).
  14. Anyone want to buy mine let me know, it needs the copper strip under the battery solderingas it has split half way across, but if not worn it does keep perfect time. drop an email or pm jontifosi@gmail.com
  15. I have a 20yr old watch in my cupboard which has hardly been worn, its casio ab550 ana digital with curved lcd, is it worth me selling this to a collector? do poeple collect these types? I'll post a pic later
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