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  1. Hi all watch enthausiast out there! My name is Kevin, I live in the Netherlands and are an ethausiast vintage watch collector. I collect of Tissot watches ever since I started to get intrested in watches in the year 1998. I then was looking for a watch as a gradution gift. I got taken by the idea that a watch is "all that". It does not only tell you what time and date it is at any given moment, but it hold sentimental value for life as it can be an heirloom for later generation. When a little later I visited a watch collectors fair, I really got hit by the virus when I saw the wide diversity the watch collectors could choose from. But I really got hooked when I bought my first Tissot Seastar with automatic winding. WOW. Wel I hope you enjoy watches and this website as much as I do! If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask! Also for all your watch, watch related questions, trade proposals, etc..just sent me an email and you will hear from me soon! Here is picture of the last watch I purchase for my privat colletion:
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