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  1. This one for me today .....
  2. This one for me on this autumnal morning. ...
  3. Given the hyperbole, you have a point. It certainly beats the Black Bay on water-resistance and price and to my eye, on looks too. If I was after a decent, diver's watch from an established company with a good reputation, with a unique look, I'd definitely have this on my shopping list, in fact the more I look at it, the more it's starting to generate a bit of an itch.
  4. Here's some information on the Titoni T10 in-house movement, which was a brave move on their part and a big investment in the company's future. https://www.thewatchpages.com/what-does-it-take-to-make-your-own-in-house-mechanical-watch-movement/ I like this watch, it has all the attributes of a classic in the making and I suspect that this model will become a desirable watch in the future. In-house movement, COSC, 600mtr resistance. That's a lot of spec at that price!
  5. This one today for me on what looks like being a bit of a grey day.....
  6. This one for me today, I hope that you all have a good one.
  7. Out the door this morning and it's a bit drizzly and the sea looks grey, so just a normal day here in Sunny Devon
  8. I agree, Roamer are one of the good guys, an old established honest company with their own style and ethic and I see that these days they are offering seven year warranties, which shows a real confidence in their products.
  9. This one for me on this lovely day with an autumn feel to the air... Sainsbury's are doing mince pies again, so summer is officially over...
  10. I presume you already own a real diver's watch. Quartz I know, but still the best bang for buck watch out there, and actually used by real divers in real water...
  11. The Presage line covers quite a range in the quality of movements, the top end of which use some Grand Seiko parts. Generally though they are nice quality dress watches that are well worth buying, I look forward to seeing your photos
  12. Let's face it, you're not really a proper member of the forum unless you have one of Roy's watches .......
  13. Autumn on its way now, my favourite time of year.
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