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  1. Yes I heard that and funnily enough I bought a couple of packs on Amazon recently to do a couple of jobs with including helping to pot on some Azalea bonsai I'm working on. It's useful stuff for all sorts but especially layering. I'd definitely give the air layer of yours a go as you've nothing to lose, just remember to be patient and you'll find once it gets going it develops roots pretty fast. Once you've been successful you'll be looking at all sorts of trees to air layer all over the place.
  2. Some really lovely trees there John ... The Cascade Hawthorn is in fact an air layer from one of my larger Hawthorn bonsai so I'd say have a go at your larch, especially if you intend to lose the branch anyway, an air layer does mean you potentially may get something out of it. I did mine in spring and left it on till the plastic wrap was bursting with roots and that can take a different amount of time for various trees so it's just a question of taking care in doing the job properly and having plenty of patience.. Your Hawthorn is looking nice and healthy. My advice would be this,
  3. Great stuff John ! ... That Trident maple looks like it's going to be quite something. Big pots do get pricey though don't they. My Elm has been in a couple of 'final pots' now and manages to outgrow them all just putting on sheer bulk so it costs me every few years ! The wire on the Corkbark Elm is pretty standard. Usually it's left on to just rust away but occasionally can cause problems as you've found, though a Corkbark should recover well OK. It's been a great year for my trees with the weather we've had, some nice hot spells with plenty of sunshine and good growing weather.
  4. It's a long time since people have shown us how their bonsai are doing so I thought that it was time for us to update things, so let's see how yours are doing now chaps .. Here's one of my Chinese Elms, how are yours looking?
  5. Well, like any watch choice it's going to be subjective but they are a reputrable Swiss company so I would expect a well made practical watch from them with a good bit of reliability, and service and support to match. I like the classic looks, simple and practical, what's not to like.
  6. The Wenger brand is a good one and that watch does indeed have a Swiss quartz movement, so it should be fine. The movemment is going to be pretty basic at that price level but I'd trust Wenger and their support network and of the three it would be my choice.
  7. And possibly the ugliest watch that it's ever been my misfortune to lay my eyes on....
  8. An O&W for me this morning
  9. this one for me today I think.......
  10. This Smiths military today on my old Royal Engineers Corps nato strap.
  11. I wear my 300m with just about everything, including a suit but I do say that the bracelet is by far my favourite option, it's extremely comfortable and as others have said you're better financially buying the watch on a bracelet and then getting a strap later, rather than vice versa. That's a great version of the Seamaster though, good choice.
  12. I think that I actually prefer to be able to see what the timeis on my watches...
  13. Another Omega Speedmaster again for me today, this time the X-33 version.
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