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  1. Oris make some very nice watches and are often underated and that one has everything you could want from an automatic Date watch, a very good choice in my opinion, it's a good looking beast.
  2. Well to be pedantic, the watch that you refer to isn't accurate at all, like G-Shocks or any other watch that receives it's time signal from an atomic source it's the Atomic Clock that is accurate, not the watch which I doubt has much accuracy of it's own. To an old foggy like myself, who pre-dates quartz watches by some time, and when mechanical watches were all there were, accuracy in their movements was obviously very desirable and regardless of GPS, using an accurate mechanical, coupled with a sextant you could also find your position on the globe too ..... And, if you want a mechanical watch that is better than " being able to tell the time within a few seconds accuracy", they are out there and often made a lot earlier than you might think.
  3. I've just got home from hospital last night after a visit to the hospital for an operation and while I was there I wore one of my favourites to cheer me up, and still have it on. It is always a delight to wear, it has a timeless feel to it, ...... which is surprising for a watch.
  4. The Speedmaster has been around for a long time now in various guises and regardless of the moon connection, is a great watch in it's own right. This one is from 1969, which shows that in reality it's a timeless design.
  5. I've quite a few hand wound watches... from a small Smiths military up to 6498s and of course speedies which tend to be at the larger end of the scale... It really depends on what you want the watch for, dress or sports?
  6. Today it's the somewhat less common CWC G10 that was issued to the Royal Marines in 1995 ... Still going strong and looking great !
  7. I spent some time in the Arctic when I was a good bit younger than I am now, and wore my trusty seiko 6139 while I was there, which functioned perfectly. Of course the point is that we wear our watches next to our skin which is a lot less durable to extremes than a watch and the watch is duly kept warm in the process of wearing it, so to be honest any old watch you fancy would do the job just as well....
  8. And nobody noticed that I'd already started a thread too ! Now there's three....
  9. I'll start this section off today with this chunky but very useful Valjoux 7750 from O&W ....
  10. Changed for this one now....
  11. Wearing my somewhat idiosyncratic prototype this morning with ETA 2836-2 movement inside.
  12. That's a nice movement in a great looking watch, still like richy176 I'm a fan of white dials having seen just too many black ones over the last few years and having a predominantly black dialled collection myself. Here's my one....
  13. Today it's this one's turn....
  14. Speedmaster for me this morning ...
  15. I rarely actually seem to get to wear this one, so I dusted it off last night and will wear it in the sunshine today
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