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  1. I have far more G Shocks than anyone could reasonably need, some are really useful and others have a face only a mother could love. ... I haven't worn this for absolutely ages as you tend to develop muscles like Popyeye in one arm, and you tend to get a few funny looks.... It's a statement piece though, I'm just not quite sure what it's saying. This one however is extremely practical, atomic and easy to read, and I use it a lot......
  2. Somehow I think that wearing something bespoke from Gieves and Hakes and a Patek will more likely get you into somewhere like White's. Your ensemble might work well for the local chippy though.
  3. Yes, that's stunning. I think that the change in the market since Swatch put limits on their ETA sales will only do wonders for established brands like Breitling with their own in house movements being developed apace. Smaller brands, as we have seen, are often turning to Miyota or Seiko movements which is enhancing the 'Swiss Made' in house aspect of companies like Breitling, and they are going to do well in the future as a result.
  4. It's great to see that companies like Breitling are producing movements like the B25 and making watches as good as that full calendar chronograph, as serious complications like this are few and far between. It's a realistic price in this day and age too I suppose, especially when you look at its competitors at this level of complication, who are more expensive. Try looking at Blancpain's or IWC's offerings, so I don't think that they'll have much trouble selling them at all. No doubt they will be a good investment too for those who buy one. Nice to see in my opinion.
  5. That is one heck of a bargain, and on a bracelet too! A very nice find and anyone in the market for a good quality dress watch should be all over this one !
  6. It's a chilly morning out there again, this one for me today.
  7. The old telephone timer for me today ...
  8. I'd just ask at the dealer. If they have any idea of customer care they will check it for you and either sort the problem or put your mind at rest. Otherwise, worrying about it will just reduce your enjoyment of the watch. Remember, 'There's no such thing as a stupid question'.
  9. Absolutely, great for picking up traditional Guernseys too, which I always used to stock up on when I visited a mate who lived and worked out there. The panniers on my motorbike used to be bulging with all sorts on the way home. ...
  10. That's certainly a classic look for a watch that's just about got it all, I bet you've got a huge smile on your face
  11. To be honest, given that Mido is the company that has produced these, the price to me seems pretty reasonable. They are no slouches in the watch game and the movement is a pretty decent offering. As you say not bad VFM at all ! ...
  12. It's that time of year again, when all good bonsai enthusiasts are re-potting and watching for those first sign of leaves starting to break out. Thankfully mine all seem to have survived the winter and the first are starting to show new leaves. Here are a couple of them ...
  13. Seiko for me too this morning.....
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