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  1. .......... ...............................................................
  2. I swapped to my favourite Multiband G-Shock yesterday afternoon ....
  3. I think that it's a shame that they aren't offering it on the normal Seamaster bracelet, which is without doubt the most comfortable bracelet I've ever worn, whereas mesh bracelets like that are awful! Otherwise, it's not a bad looking edition, and it has very clean looking lines.
  4. I thought that the whole idea of bronze watches, was to obtain a nice aged patina .
  5. That really is a lovely looking watch.
  6. It's been ages since we've had any signs of snow here in the village, though I can see it up on Exmoor today. This was from the last time ....
  7. I take that back, it's a lovely morning for a brisk walk, though there's definitely a few showers around and the tide is out !
  8. It's wet, and it's cold, and I haven't the faintest idea why I got up at this unearthly hour of the morning... Humbug!
  9. Continuing the diver's theme, today mine will be this.
  10. This for me today, when I actually manage to keep my eyes open that is ....
  11. I agree, it tends to be real aficionados of the early Heuer brand that feel that way, feeling that somehow the more modern 'Tag' input and then LVMH devalued the whole ethos of the brand built on their earlier glories, including the Steve McQueen Le Mans connection. This article explains how some feel the brand should still be .... https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/articles/auctions/steve-mcqueens-le-mans-heuer-monaco-watch-to-be-auctioned The same applies to many brands though from the glory days, times change though, and I suppose that we collectors should just be glad that these
  12. That's a lovely looking pair of watches , and they look much better on leather anyway. The anti-Tag thing is just a purist's niggle and really happened in force when the company was bought out by a company like LVMH, that makes handbags. Some early Heuers, without the 'Tag' fetch some silly money these days though, much like early Speedmasters but when you've got a pair of watches that look like yours, you can't really go wrong !
  13. Well, my eyes aren't that good these days, so I'll take your word for that chocko , that would be about right for a serial number though which gives credence to the replacement back hypothesis and Omega are known for doing things like that, as JoT says, to maintain the integrity and water resistance of the case.
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