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  1. I've quite a few, but my favourites would be ...
  2. I've had one for some time, and it's a great watch, extremely legible, and the 7750 a great workhorse that isn't difficult to get serviced. You'll enjoy it I'm sure.
  3. I remember, back in the day, buying a job lot of six of the issued automatic versions of the original military watch, when you couldn't give them away for love or money. How times have changed ... I suspect that this one will do very well indeed though amongst those that like military style watches, and I think that it's aimed at a price bracket that should ensure sales. Mind you, I still think that at the moment that one of the best buys in 're-issues' of military watches is the Rubicon version of the RAF military Pulsar, still to be had for a very low £69.99
  4. That's very sad news indeed, one of the good guys who made this place what it is. Please pass on my sincere condolences to his loved ones.
  5. My radio timed solar G-Shock is what I use for setting and timing all my other watches, so it's a vital item in my collection. I've never had trouble with charging mine as it's always out of a drawer, ready to perform those functions ... and of course I live in Sunny Devon, so I never have to worry about the light. (Except for perhaps on days with a Y in them)
  6. Should you want to go vintage, there is always this one of course.....
  7. I was also taken with one of these as being something a little different.
  8. I've just seen a Hamilton automatic chronograph on there for £23.96, which is a hell of a discount if it's not fake. Rolex branded bracelets for a tenner too!
  9. A lovely dawn here in sunny Devon ...
  10. The company does have a good reputation and do some great looking watches. I've been looking at the Ensign Chronograph for myself with the Seiko Meca-Quartz movement which looks good value and a nice looking watch, though I'm a little disappointed that they have gone for Chinese movements in some of their other models. They are no doubt serviceable movements, I'm just trying to cut down on Chinese manufactured items as much as possible these days.
  11. This, to cheer up a somewhat grey and miserable morning ...
  12. I like that ! Very thoughtful nieces you have there. For me today, it's a simple hand wound Smiths.
  13. I'm also a big G-Shock fan, but not so keen on the fact that more and more of them have negative displays on them these days, which doesn't aid legibility for us geriatrics. Still, that's a nice model and I suspect I could forgive it that one minor point. I suspect you'll enjoy that a lot !
  14. There's a bit of a heavy dew here today in Sunny Devon ...
  15. OP looks like a sales pitch to me ...
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