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  1. We do take having the correct time always available, something we now really take for granted. The BBC time signal didn't come into effect until 1924 and the phone 'pips' not until 1936, so prior to that it was a question of finding a Regulator to sync your watches and clocks to. Time is, and always has been, 'money' ...
  2. I have this Limited Edition one from the Winter Olympics which I rather like .....
  3. The chap on the forum to talk to about these is Silver Hawk, who is something of an expert, so it might be an idea to drop him a line and see what he has to say. It's a lovely watch in great condition and has the potential for going on for years.
  4. It's great to see something that bit different that really showcases what is possible in good watchmaking. I'm completely and totally envious.
  5. This one while I do a bit of DIY this morning...
  6. Just to wind up Jay this morning, I think I shall have to give Snoopy an outing. ...
  7. This one today on another soggy morning....
  8. When I eventually manage to wake up properly, I shall be popping this one on.....
  9. I have to admit to owning 'a few' G Shocks, of which currently this is my favourite. Radio-controlled time and solar charging make it a great 'pick up and go watch and useful for setting the time on my others. What's not to like.
  10. This old favourite for me this morning, have a good Sunday all ...
  11. I've always had the same problem with wives.
  12. Rain at last !!!! .... Just what the garden needs as we've not seen any down here for ages!
  13. I think that they are probably the first watch that I've seen for a while that really appeals to me. Clear, easy to read and functional. Shame that it's probably just that bit too big for me these days, but being titanium they might just work, so I'd like to try one on in the flesh, but there's not a lot of chance of that down here in my neck of the woods unfortunately! ...
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