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  1. Ask her why she needs more than one pair of shoes, they all look the same .
  2. Not a soldier, Sapper if you don't mind.
  3. I'm ready, kit laid out for inspection ....
  4. I've boxes of all descriptions from wood to cardboard, but one of my favourites is this one. It's the one for the Omega X-33, and it's made out of the material used for NASA astronauts' spacesuits. The only problem with it is that it is notorious for yellowing under the effects of ultraviolet light, so to keep it looking nice you have to hide it away in the original white outer box that it comes in and only look at it at nighttime ...
  5. I I know where you can get this if it helps ....
  6. It was a Newmark watch like that, which was a Christmas present as a young lad, which probably started me off on the long road of watch collecting, so it's lovely to see that.
  7. Morning all ... well, I'm ready for the Mars expedition, where do I sign ....
  8. Yes, there were some silly prices at the time, but it helped sellers after that to escalate prices quite a bit. However, look at where prices have gone on some of those watches now, it's absolutely frightening.
  9. Ah, but we can all dream, and you never know when your lottery ticket might come home.
  10. If anyone is interested in the history and how Victorinox started producing watches, this is a good read. https://www.watchhunter.org/2019/01/unofficial-history-victorinox-swiss-army-watches-origin-historical-timeline.html
  11. True and I've been thinking exactly the same of late, thin things out and just get a couple of pieces that I really want. There's no point in just accumulating more at my time of life.
  12. That is rather lovely, and I do like the size, it seems some manufacturers are learning that not everyone wants a brick on their wrist and that looks great to me. That's a great bracelet too, very clever. I suppose the cost is justified, it just seems they go up and up these days, I must be getting old.
  13. This one for me today, I like eccentric watches...
  14. ......................................... Right, so I'm back. So, if you consider that the watch may have been back to Omega, or another watchmaker, more than once, you can start to see just how convoluted it becomes to track down which are original parts, service parts and parts that may have been re-manufactured at a later date to service original watches or produce new editions. Hence, why the site that I referred you to is so valuable in that much of the research as to possibilities of parts has already been done, but that doesn't mean it is definitive, there always seem to be varia
  15. Just a quick reply before I have to go out, and then I'll continue when I come back.... Wow, what a hunt, this reminds me of the early days of sorting out Moonwatch models with the late great Chuck Maddox, when all sorts of things came to light, including the fact that Omega keep lousy records, don't assemble watches in the chronological order of the manufacture of parts and their parts and movement bins, from which watches were assembled, could have parts made at different times, to different specs, so tracking the history of any given watch, that had been serviced, was almost impossibl
  16. I have to say that the stitching on that cuff is immaculate, keep it up. This one for me this morning when I manage to get myself moving ....
  17. One of these you mean? Nah, you never see them ........
  18. Nice one, it's a great watch for the money.
  19. There's a slight drizzle out there this morning which I thought warranted my 300m Diver. ... Mind you I may have to send it back for another service now as there appears to be drips of rain on it !
  20. My mate was looking for an anchor for his boat and one of those would do brilliantly !
  21. And there was me getting all excited to hear about the negotiations and whether it had any history... It gets nerve wracking this watch collecting lark when there's something a bit special in the offing.
  22. Of course, it could be your age Roger.
  23. I have to agree that there's very little excites me these days from any of the 'standard manufacturers. What got me into Seiko originally were their automatic chronographs, the good old 6138s and 6139s, and I was rather pleased to see that they have bought out a rather nice new one in the form of the Seiko Prospex Mechanical Chronograph with the 8R48 calibre 34 jewel movement, limited to 1000 pieces. That one I do keep looking at and drooling a bit. It may just be that we tend to see the same old offerings on here and some models from the manufacturers pass the forum by. This is the
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