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  1. I have just reduced my collection by about 55%, sold outside this forum. The strange thing is I don't regret selling one. I think I will sell about another 5 then hold onto the others.
  2. It is on the adult channel 11pm
  3. At the prices you ask Jon they can only go up.
  4. Stick around, apart from the dealers and scammers, just insane and possibly retarded, crooks and that other lot, not to mention the ones who like watches and must share their addiction, Oh! and those Scottish bast####s always wanting a good deal, the members are quite nice.
  5. Ask Taffyman as I sold him one with a spare new strap. He might still have a spare.
  6. The serial number is fake unless you have the one the Chinese copied. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  7. Some fakes use batteries. Some cheap movements, some clone movements, tricky to see what you are looking at some times.
  8. I bet you can also see the hologram at 6 o'clock suspended in the glass. Remember the dealer will destroy a fake if you take it in, don't leave it for the other shop employee to view when he comes back from lunch. Hammer crunch whoops!!!!!!.
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