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  1. This today…………… PRS3 Limited Edition 30/50
  2. Here’s a few of my non daters:
  3. Late today but can’t seem to take this off………. has been my regular wearer for the last few weeks
  4. I have this…….. Time keeping has been spot on, to the second, since I got it 4 months ago. Build quality is excellent
  5. Another club I can join A recent purchase, TimeFactors PRS-55, Smiths Caribbean
  6. I can finally join this club with my recent addition:
  7. I like to change mine once a day, to keep the rotation going. Unfortunately of late, that is proving most difficult as I am spending more time away from home and usually only wear one watch through the week. I try and make up for it at the weekend
  8. Best I can do with my phone at the moment
  9. New Birthday watch from the wife……
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