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  1. Good luck Jon Have to keep us posted on your progression
  2. It keeps expanding and just not enough time to get photos posted. It’s something I plan to do this year, just so I know exactly what I’ve got
  3. Yeah not bad Jon One of my rare occasions I’m actually home tonight. Still away quite a lot, keeping me busy
  4. Looks great Jon The lume doesn’t look shabby either
  5. Today’s offering.....................
  6. I’ve ordered a couple of watches off Massdrop. The prices do seem cheap, but so far, no issues with delivery. The warranty cards are filled out with Massdrop as the authorised dealer, so don’t know if there was a problem, the manufacturer would honour them? Have only bought reasonably cheap watches, one was just over $200 and the other was just short of $150, that included delivery and no custom charges
  7. Great collection you have there, not too shabby
  8. @Roy Still no connection on 4G, using EE Wifi working okay, using iPhone XR
  9. Late to the party but been wearing this today.....
  10. Still not working on 4G, on EE. Wifi working okay
  11. Having problems connecting on 4G recently. Works okay on WiFi. Won’t connect on either Google or Safari on 4G
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