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  1. Hi That's very kind, Thank you, here's a very bad picture of the cabinet i'm trying to fill.
  2. As per the title i was wondering if anybody else tinkers with old lighters. Since i had a bit of a stroke a couple of years ago i have found that tinkering with watches requires far more concentration than it used to, I'm still capable of doing my own repairs on watches but it takes me three times as long now Anyway back to lighters, I've started to have a tinker with Ronson mid 70s electronic ones, replacing capacitors, burner seals, and inlet valves. I find the much larger parts of lighters much easier to manipulate, my tired old eyes can actually see them. Parts for these old l
  3. Hi Glad to hear you like it Davey, I like to use those sandwich boxes as they come with a little anti damp sachet (probably overkill for a G-Shock) and are stronger than anything intended for postage from my local shop. Its never seen a sarnie I promise I think that model of "G" is called a G-Rescue which may account for the low temperature resistance serif. Excellent to hear its off skiing as babying a G-Shock like I've done is a bit silly when you consider how tough those watches are, Have a great Christmas, Wook
  4. I received a watch from ebay a couple of years ago in a 7" pizza box, Used and resplendent with greasy stains, I think it was a Tissot wook
  5. Hi I have one of the data 2000 models amongst many other Seiko digitals but the Ruputer is not something I've ever seen, Can you tell me a bit more about it please ? Wook
  6. I use this gizmo, Got it for about £15 from cousins during a sale. its great for forcing a gap. I also use it for stubborn crystal bezels.
  7. Hi Bulova makes sense as that's certainly a citizen crystron module, Aren't the two company's still linked to this day in some way or is it my memory playing tricks. wook
  8. I like the gold digital, What brand is it? the display looks a bit like a citizen module. Wook
  9. GFA Seiko happy eyes chronograph Seiko 7123 mini tuna can Seiko solar quartz Merit one button sailing chronograph Glycine Luftwaffe Wook
  10. HI these are great watches, I've tinkered with loads of 2030's over the years and have pretty much every part if the movement ends up needing anything, Just give us a shout Wook
  11. I'm pretty sure that there is an old fashioned looking jaxa type case tool made by vigor that comes with exactly the same set of tips as the big opener, They go in the £20 range when they pop up on fleabay and might be a cheaper way of acquiring them. best of luck Wook P.S. the model number of the vigor wrench is Co-629,
  12. Hi You need the bits for the Vigor co-775 by the looks of it, the business end looks identical to my vigor one below. wookie
  13. I don't believe Omega ever used a hammer and bolster to do their case engravings, it's been sold once already which could mean either non-paying bidder or that it was returned for refund, it has more than enough alarm bells for me. wook there is a good thread on another forum showing tons of almost identical fakes to this one, it seems that case shape is very popular with fakers https://omegaforums.net/threads/dont-fall-for-a-fake-vintage-omegas-post-them-here-not-for-questions.6235/page-3
  14. This one ? 232277626867 the marks on the back look pretty crude wook
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