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  1. I really enjoyed reading this thread, thanks. Just thought I would share my Services watch with you. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. It was my granddads watch back in the 70's. We found it when clearing the loft after my gran passed away. It must have been up there for 30 years or so, obviously not working and with a cracked crystal and worn smooth crown. I bagged it and had it sent off to Steve Burrage who did his usual magic and got it working again (keeps good time too, gains a few minutes a day).
  2. I like the bauhaus style of watches and was wondering if any forum members had examples they would like to show off. Jungans and Mondaine spring to mind. Anyone have any obscure examples they might like to share?
  3. have you looked at the new smiths version over at the dark side? This one? I quite like it.
  4. This site has an explanation of tourbillion movements (about half way down) and a nice animated diagram. http://www.ornatus-mundi.ch/artikel_2/artikel_2.htm
  5. I have a very cheap Casio Sea Pathfinder that tells the tide. I got mine from ebay dead cheap but Argos do them for £20. Casio
  6. I really like the look of this one. A Smiths Astral is fairly high on my wanted list.
  7. The watch I wear every day is.....
  8. Wearing my new heart monitor Aldi watch today. Works a treat and a steal at £12.99.
  9. Just to get us started, I'll be wearing this.
  10. You might consider an Alpha. The one pictured is at 83 US dollars so a bit above your price limit. No allowed to link to the web page. Search for Alpha on google.
  11. I use that exclusively these days, it seems to be consistent, unless t'internet is broken. :) Just checked that website with the Poodwaddle clock and the Microsoft one at the bottom right of your screen... all synchronised and good!! :) The poodwaddle clock simply displays your computer time. Change your computer time and watch poodwaddle change too.
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