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  1. Don't get me wrong, Perhaps Amazon is fine, but of the ones I have found, they are not sold by 'Amazon' they are all internet shops that sell through Amazon, so you don't know who they are. I agree, if it has the same packaging you would expect them to be authentic. The reason I posted was because an internet search on these batteries retuned forum posts from some people saying, be careful as they may try to sell old batteries or indeed fakes. Just another point - I did not realise that that there were so many different types of batteries they make, even in the same size. I suppose I have to look at what coding is on each battery and buy one for each.
  2. Hi Guys, I have a couple of watches that need a battery replacement. I would like to buy a few Renata batteries but am aware that using places like Amazon might result in a purchase of a fake or out of date battery. I looked on Renata's website to see who the official distributers are, and they list a few companies, all of which sell to trade only. Just wondering your thoughts on were I might purchase an authentic battery.
  3. I was in Selfridges on new years 2015 (go every year on new years day) and they told me they don't sell them anymore. They must have decided to sell them again. Picked up a nice Oris Diver in the sale there but other than sale items those guys don't give discounts so I'd be paying the rrp. It might be time for me to thin the herd to fund a new years Seiko purchase.
  4. Yeah, certainly would consider a used one but can't find one anywhere. Mind you I am only a member of this forum and no other watch forum as thewatchforum rocks
  5. HI guys, its been a while. On the look out for my next watch and I could rather fancy a Grand Seiko. Was just wondering if anyone knew how many of these bad boys Seiko make every year and where the cheapest place to get them from might be.
  6. Russian currency is worth about half what it was 2 months ago. Having gone to Russia in Sept and paid 55 Rub to 1 pound, it is now 110 - 120 Rub to the pound, basically meaning everything is half price, but the question Is, where can we see these savings. Where can you buy from Russia over the net that is TRUSTED and the price in Rubbles. No god if price is in dollars there would be no saving there. Also wonder if it is credit card, what kind of exchange rate you get for that. I think people basically know what I am asking, so anyone care to comment? P.S course the only sure fire way is to take a holiday there are transfer currency.
  7. We went with Cunard on the Queen Victoria. I enjoyed the cruise, nice ship too. Will upload pics later today. Oh and someone above was saying about buying a watch just to match the place I visited. This was the case with the Skagen Watch. Thus, why I have not purchased it yet. Just not that into them so think I will take a pass on the Skagen one.
  8. hey, yeah I spotted Tudor at Ernst Jones. They are made by rolex right. Sorry to detract from the topic question but I would like to know a few things about tudor : (1) Are they actually made in the same factories as rolex's? (2) What is the quality of the movement like in tudors (Same as rolex?) (3) Anyone know of any websites selling these for discounts ?
  9. Hi guys, its been a while since I have posted. Over the last 6 months I have purchased 4 watches : (1) Ball racer (fantastic watch) was left 1000 pounds by relative and thought in honour of her I would get this watch as I go on at least one cruise a year and never know what the time in the room is so wanted a watch with the tritium markers. (2) A red strap Mondaine quartz because I was in Norway and spotted a shop in Flam selling one, giving information on Mondaine being the railway style watch. Got home and purchased it on Amazon. (3) Just came back off a Baltic cruise and there was a Russian specialist on there. One of the products he was selling was CCCP watches (new company) got the Sputnik 1 limited addition. (4) Citizen commando titanium watch - simply because I spotted it on Ernst Jones for 190 pounds (200 pounds off) Now I am looking at a Skagen watch (as the Baltic cruise ended with a trip to Skagen) also just spotted a Ball Engineer pre owned with white dial that I am not sure I can resist. I used to purchase 2 or so watches a year. This could be 6 watches within 6 months. Could someone please send me a digital slap to make me stop. Anyone else got this bug?
  10. Had roy put on a hirsh carbon 100 strap - also recommend these - fantastic looking, comfortable and water proof, considering getting another rlt now
  11. Hi guys, have not written on here for a while. Just took a weeks holiday to the coast. Had my RLT 26 for about a year and only worn it about 6 times, but decided to take it on holiday as my only watch. I just wanted to thank Roy (owner of RLT and master watch maker of RLT watches) for producing such a great watch. Anyone considering an RLT I will recommend them. Lost about 1 minute of time in 7 days, ran perfectly. Thank you so much Roy for a quality yet cheap watch.
  12. Hi guys, not posted for a while so good to be back. My brother was in Florida for a few days and brought me a prezzy, A Swiss Military Hanowa Globe trotter (from amazon) this is the one with 2 clocks inside (for 2 time zones) The top one is working, but the bottom one is not working. Does anyone know in a quartz watch like that, does it have 2 batteries, one for the top and one for the bottom? I was thinking of taking to a watch repair place and getting them to open it up and see if another battery would make it work. It has screws at the back (holding the back plate in place) Does that mean a 'standard' watch repair guy should not try and open it? The watch is new but on guarentee (2 years) it says it does not cover batteries so not sure where I stand on that one.
  13. you could have a new submariner 2 tone for that (7.5k) or a 2 year old rolex daytona 2 tone. Rolex day-date with president 18k gold pre owned 5 - 7 years for 8 or so thousand. Breitling chronomat evolution IWC Portuguese or IWC pilot Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Hublot Big Bang
  14. Rolex Rolex Rolex it should not be the case but rolex hold their value better than any other watch brand. Steel Daytona would be good but good luck trying to find a new one - might be waiting 2 years or at least 6 months for one. You could go 2 tone gold (around 9K) but they do not hold their value as good as the ss version. So if I was you I would go for Rolex submariner in all steel. (green bezel if possible) Rolex seadweller in all steel Rolex explorer 2 in all steel.
  15. I own 2 but have purchased 4 in total (sold 2) I think they are very good watches for the price - although they (like most others) have increased their prices on a regular basis. 2 years ago they were all 70 - 100 pounds cheaper than they are now. They all have a 60 day returns policy so why not go for it and if you don't like it, send it back. Most of the autos are ETA 2824's which is a very good movement.
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