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  1. Affordable watches ! Order now at:


  2. Hi, I bought an MWC watch maybe two years ago. The chrono version. I gave it to my brother when I got myself a Poljot chrono. He still has and wears the mwc....and it still runs fine. It's not a good watch tough, there is no lume on the hands for example...and the minute counter doesnt always reset to zero... I bought it back then, just because of the looks, and I must say, I still like it for that, alltough I certainly wouldnt buy one again. Gregor
  3. I like the overall look of the watch, but just dont like the writing on the dial... I'm everything but a special ops... rather would see the dial without any text Gregor
  4. Psychlist, I think that is the best looking seiko ever!!!! It's high on my list of "wanted watches" I'm wearing this: Gregor
  5. Hi, I would suggest to do it yourself if you can find some tools. there is some good explanation on the poor mans watch forum. size a monster bracelet I managed, and I'm a beginner cheers, Gregor
  6. very very nice seiko divers collection Gregor
  7. Hi, I have the BM and a Yao BM and I love them! I don't have the 007 so I cant compare them, but if you decide to buy a Monster, buy it on the bracelet! It looks really great. My wrist is about 6.5 I believe and I don't think it's too big wich was my worry when I bought it. Gregor
  8. Dave, that O&W looks good on that rallystrap! here's what's on my wrist. Gregor
  9. Hm...that case looks good, how about something like this dial in it Roy? Gregor
  10. The YaoMonster for me today, (also every other day since it arrived) Gregor
  11. these days even woman customise themselves... (I must admit..usually I prefer original/natural) but with these seiko's...I now have both, the original and the customised! So I'm a happy guy! Gregor (I will soon post pictures to show the beauty of the Yao Monster!)
  12. Griff, dont get me wrong, I just like the discussion, I dont mean to offend! What I mean is: we are all on this forum because we like watches, we all have different tastes, there are many many watches available, some are customised, what it is about, is having a watch that gives you joy (sorry my english fails me here, cant say it any different) and whats wrong with it if it's a customised watch that gives that joy? It's not like a rembrandt was customised Gregor
  13. I can agree with that. Whats there not to understand: it is not about the customizing, it's about seeing and buying a watch that you think is greatlooking and oh...happens to be customised. Gregor
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