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  1. Too many. And yet not enough. enigma... It's around 100, probably half of those are up for sale or pencilled for trades if the right thing comes along for swap. I just sold a great big box of casio watches, a few hundred quids worth, not a single one had ever been worn (by me), and yet I wish I hadn't sold them... enigma #2
  2. I sold an Omega Speedmaster just because the box was obscene, it was the size of a suitcase! Storage is a pain, mine are scattered all over the place. Currently three big cardboard boxes full plus a few spilling over in carrier bags I'm my own worst enemy though, sometimes I dig through ebay and buy more boxes just in case I buy a watch from the brand second hand and it's loose. That's a new level of commitment I feel. (Or should that read "I need to be committed"?) I have recently purchased an ebel box, a mondaine box, a couple of vintage oris and Longines boxes... and
  3. Some amazing stock there (and a mix of keen and ambitious pricing) but yes, you might get your bum kicked over the link
  4. What a gorgeous looking watch that is. I've a chequered history with C Ward but I missed out on one of those because the seller wouldn't wiggle a bit on the (already reasonable) price. Curse my stubborn streak...
  5. That was not a vehement attack on you AW, it was relatively mild. Apologies if my annoyance spilled over. My anger was directed at the uninspired cheap cash-in of these watches, which as I say appear to be a knock-off of a knock-off. Its frustrating, a company with this reach could have taken a few risks rather than such a... safe?... option. My only issue with your article stemmed from your guesswork at these being of high quality. Neither of us have handled the watches, however I didn't make assumptions about their build quality in a thread on a watch forum, which as I say is setting
  6. Those are shocking. Slipstream look like a ripped off amalgamation of Accurist and Sekonda with some Rotary for good measure. The Locksley stuff looks like a rip off of the higher end Rotary/Dreyfuss watches. Rotary are not particularly well known for original designs, they "borrow" elements from lots of other brands to create their stuff. Imagine a brand so unoriginal that they nick rotary watch designs!!! These are poor. Not only are they bad looking watches, they are not even close to original. Who actually wants WatchShop original watches? Nobody, I'd wager. N
  7. Wow that's ugly! Mind you, I said that about the last Citizen Altichron then bought one of them as soon as I saw it in the flesh. What was I saying? Oh yes, I'll take mine in green.
  8. These have recently re-stocked on HSamuel website, still at the sale price of £249 (half price). I bought mine at Christmas when they first went on sale and they sold out in 48 hours. Well worth picking up for that sort of money, you really can't lose much at that price. I'm looking for the blue and yellow one really. One of my mates has the green one so I know I'll already be getting that at some point.
  9. Very similar, I've got 4 of these cases but I wouldn't dare leave them out on display. Usually one is full of seiko solar watches and Citizen ecodrives so that lives on a shelf by a window where it can get some light, the rest are in super secret places (my underpants drawer)
  10. They usually do it to stop the hands moving from the 10/2 position, that's all. Pulling the crown to conserve battery is a bit of an urban myth, all it does is open the watches only protective seal to let the elements in. I've been guilty of it in the past but it's safer to just let them run imo.
  11. Nice looking watch. How thick is it? I bought a similar quartz one from Jomashop last year (through lockdown #1 boredom) but ended up really not liking it, I should have plumped for the auto. That black sunburst dial looks gorgeous, I'd wear that.
  12. I found mine, a 1975 Sharkhunter. Sadly the pictures (despite being mine) are heavily watermarked as photobucket images so I can't download them, but here's a link to the sale thread from 2014 over on the TZUK forum. It did sell to a very well known collector who was a moderator on here at the time. https://forum.tz-uk.com/showthread.php?311663-Doxa-Sharkhunter-300T-Circa-1975-(B-amp-P)-OHPF&highlight=doxa
  13. Chronograph arrived yesterday, very very impressive post time, I only ordered it Thursday lunchtime and Friday was a bank holiday!! Anyway, it's miles bigger than baby brother; Torn now. I don't really want them both, I love the Platinum Ceramic for the colour but I prefer the heft of the bigger chrono. I'm probably going to put them both on ebay, sell one and keep the loser.
  14. Love them but they just don't sit right for me. A few years ago I was lucky enough to buy a 1970s one from the original owner with box, papers, clip-on compass - the works! I did try to like it but they are really top-heavy, it wouldn't just balance on my wrist. When I'm on the laptop I'll try and find a picture, any images of it might be lost to the Great Photobucket Scandal though (if you know, then you know). It sold to @jasonm of this very parish, though I think it had quite a few owners after him. Last time I saw it for sale the owner had cannibalised it for the compass, or
  15. I've worn it most of this week. I'm still not convinced it looks right as an everyday watch, but regardless of that I've bought the matching chronograph. Great dress watch, I can't go to the pub or out for a meal so no harm done, both of these watches together cost me what I spend a month in wetherspoons
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