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  1. Not bad, I reckon 150 is a bargain for a rare 7t32 calibre myself. I'm selling my auto relay on there which was the very top of the line model... so far, nothing but time wasters...
  2. Is that white one the "spares or repair" listing from ebay about 3 weeks back? I wanted that one so badly but was terrified I was bidding on a knackered paper-weight!
  3. No idea Nigel, but the only watch I have ever had with discolouration like that was a brass one. It was very cool the way it "degraded" into a weathered looking case. I've had lots of gold plated, lots of gold PVD and a few solid gold watches - none have done that, certainly no Seiko.
  4. Well, this was an interesting read on Hodinkee - Omega have successfully trialed a new 15,000m dive watch, the UltraDeep. Ambiently tested to 15,000m and actually taken to a depth of almost 11,000m this is the deepest registered dive for any wristwatch in history. Check out the Omega website for the specs, but the watch is absolutely bonkers at over an inch thick. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/omega-seamaster-planet-ocean-ultra-deep-professional-deepest-diving-watch Totally useless in the real world, hence being a prototype made just to show that Omega can "keep up with the Joneses" as it were, but if it rolls into production I am going to be at the front of the queue!! It looks amazing!
  5. Nice watch Scott, I've had the Tabarly before - they used to be pretty much the entry level Breitling, along with the "Shark" quartz. To weigh in on the "scarce v's rare" argument, as @Nigelp pointed out I use the word "RARE" on a good few of my eBay listings whether they are rare, uncommon, lesser seen or just an unusual variant of a common watch. I do try to justify that in my descriptions, giving rough production dates (only made for a couple of years for example) and trying to give details of other watches in the range, i.e. the 7t32-7F70 which came in three colours with black the most common, blue with silver subs not far behind and the yellow dial the least common of the three. They were very popular chronographs but I'll still call them rare now. No justification needed, but it's silly not to optimise the letter count to maximise sales, and RARE doesn't take up much space. Also, who searches "uncommon Seiko" when they are browsing? Maybe someone, but not me. "Rare Seiko" is another story, I google that pretty much daily and turn up gems on a very very regular basis. I'm not bothered that half the stuff isn't truly rare, I'm happy to skip through the rubbish to find the gems... I'm very happy if no-one else is.
  6. Bugger, I sold my all steel one a few weeks back, I suspect I sent any spare links with it. Just on the off-chance, what's the width please bud? Full link width and the width of the centre section (both gold tracks plus the centre bar). It's a slim hope, and even if I have one it'll be the all steel one, but I don't see much other chance of you finding a spare bi-metal for such an unusual watch.
  7. Hmmmm, funnily enough I wrote a review here... I would happily be using it but most of mine are big chunky sports watches, this is only really suitable for slim ones. Perfect for a vintage collection or a dress collection but rubbish for my sports chronographs that sit about half an inch high. I wasn't kidding, it's for sale. Ignore everything I said - it's actually a very very good watch box.
  8. Honestly I've no idea, it seems to vary from sale to sale. I usually leave myself 20% again and that won't be far off. I bought an Alpina from there (priced in USD) which shipped from Germany, so I presume the watches are sourced worldwide. EDIT! Nope, it was Jura that I bought the Alpina through, not Joma.
  9. Odd you should specify a field watch, I logged into JomaShop this morning and found this one half price. I was hovering over the button but I'd rather sell one of mine first, I'm swimming in Citizen watches at the moment. https://www.jomashop.com/citizen-watch-bu2055-16e.html The extra 25% off makes this $97 (£75-ish), so even with international shipping you'll only be into it for about £100.
  10. 46 watches??? That sounds like a slow death to me. Skip the 24 and the 20, I have one of these gathering dust - 96 glorious holes (snigger)... for watches.
  11. Cheers Roger, I've got both the blue models though. Mental money that one - i have never broken 100 quid for one of those yet. The rare ones are orange, red and pink - blue, black and silver are the common ones.
  12. There were quite a lot of those Nigel, it just refers to the 150m water resistance. All the old 4 sub-dial flightmasters were the same branding too. Slightly more sought after are the Sport 200 chronograph models, not many of those about.
  13. Out of the whole lot, that's the only one I really kicked myself over. It's not quite worth the eye-watering fee Seiko would want to service it, but it's a real pity not to have it running.
  14. Nice find Nigel. As usual, I've come to bore you with facts... The Y series were just rebadged Seiko 7T (and more) modules available for anyone to buy - and cheaply too! While they filtered those down for use in the Pulsar (and I believe the upper end of the Lorus range too) they were mainly bought by smaller watchmakers. Probably the most significant is YEMA, the French watchmaker. Though rarely seen in the UK they have made some phenomenally expensive mechanical watches and many of them are absolutely beautiful, but in the late 1980's and early 1990's they hopped on the quartz bandwagon. Enter Seiko. Yema bought in some 7A28 movements for their early quartz chronographs and then some Y182 (7t32) for the follow up range. I don't think they were tremendously popular because until quite recently you could find them on ebay for very little money - they used to be excellent picking for vintage Seiko Quartz collectors! Even now they pop up from time to time at sensible money, here's one from a few weeks ago at £50; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Montre-YEMA-Chronograph-100M-Y182/233110982053?hash=item36467f4da5:g:ot0AAOSwuytcTW18 It's very common practice to sell off their movements, they've always done it - the hard part is finding them in cheap watches to steal for your nice shiny Seiko. Luckily in years to come you'll be able to butcher an Invicta "NH36" for parts for your Seiko 4R36.
  15. A couple of these look ok, but I agree they look a bit crowded. Did it need a thick minute track, heavy batons AND numbers too? If that's the route they were going, I would have preferred numbers instead of batons and maybe a discreet 24 hour display where the 1-12 are now. Out of interest does anyone have any of the original SUS range? I've had loads but sold most, but I do have a collection (somewhere!!) of the 7t32-9000 Telemeter chronographs. The only ones I am missing are the orange dial and the salmon pink dial. That said, they're not where I thought they were, so maybe I'm actually missing all of them!
  16. Very nice. I wanted one if these when Creation had them, but no UK shipping on it.
  17. Just a quick edit Roger, the 7t92 was nothing to do with the '32 and '62 really. The 7t32 was as you say the classic (and very user friendly!) 5 button chrono which was replaced in approx 2002 with the more fiddly 7t62. There was another forgotten chronograph in the 1990's, the V657 calibre, another one of my favourites. This is the one which was shelved in favour of the 7T92. The '92 was an improved model as it timed in 1/20th second increments as opposed to the 1/10th seconds of the V657, but again it wasn't quite as well received for the simple reason that the V657 has a centre seconds hand - it ticks! The 7T92 shoved the seconds counter onto a sub-dial which IMO was a mistake, I love having a chrono with the layout of a classic 3 hander with all of the chronograph functions on the sub dials. The changeover was around the same time. You won't see many post-2000 V657 watches but they were around, some of the FIFA world cup 2002 special editions used that movement (I've got one!) As it happens I am currently researching those watches as the FIFA one I bought was all blue (bought from France) and the other ones I've seen are a yellow dial model (South America) and a white and red one (Russia). I am trying to work out if they were sold in the different countries in team colours. Maybe a bit of a stretch but I suspect it might be the case. Sadly they are incredibly rare so I'm struggling to come up with much of a sample-size.
  18. Here you go, I've just emptied my spares box, and amongst all the old bracelets and "bits" are a couple of dozen duff Seiko watches. Some really good stuff here but they are all paperweights in their current form. Coming to a popular auction site near you soon! The orange 7t32 (Sport 150) is a real disappointment, I owned the same watch years ago and waited the best part of a decade for another to come up for sale, but it is totally dead. Likewise with the rare bi-metal Auto-Relay. It's ticking away merrily but the minute and hour hands will only run for a few minutes then sit still while the second hand carries on going. Pull the crown and the hands set perfectly! Stupid watches. Most of the ladies ones work ok but there's bugger all market for them.
  19. No sweat Nigel. My apologies mate. I'm still happy to donate mine to the pile if you want, just PM me - it'll only be sat here gathering dust.
  20. @simon2 you're an absolute star, but I'm not convinced mine is working now - it stopped early this morning (hour and minute hand in the same position though, so maybe just touched each other and stopped?)
  21. @Nigelp deals off mate - I left mine on test yesterday with a new battery and it stopped around 6 this morning. I still suspect it's the hands sticking or touching each other, but for now I'm calling it a dud and in the spares box it goes. It'll end up on ebay at some point for next to nothing. Apologies.
  22. Long winded story this one, so to cut it short; @Nigelp bought a Seiko 7t42 project, decent condition but it turned out to be dead. Same week I bought a job-lot of broken watches, one of which happened to be the same watch as Nigels (different dial) in very poor cosmetic condition but working (weakly). In my wisdom, in correcting a very simple issue with the hands (hour hand was bent down touching the dial so had jammed) I've lost some sub-dial hands off mine, so it's a total lost cause. Nigel has offered his watch up for free, as have I with mine. Both cost about 20 quid but a working one of these calibres is worth £100+. What we need is a watchmaker (or amateur tinkerer) to swap the dial and hands off Nigels watch onto my movement, then stick it back in his case. Simple really. I'm happy to pay for the job, but please be aware that whatever comes out of this is then to be auctioned for charity, probably on this very forum. Half the proceeds are for @Roy for the running costs pot, half for whatever charity me and Nigel decide. Here is the link to the 7T42 thread with all the info on; Many thanks in advance. Don't all shout at once eh?
  23. I'm not a watchmaker Nigel and definitely not up for swapping movements, but there are some talented bar-stewards on here....let's tag this in the "repairs" Sub section and see if any kind soul is willing to combine the two watches for charity. I'm happy to auction off whatever comes out of it. Half for the forum running costs and half to a kids charity?
  24. Kill him. Sorry to be harsh, it's the only sensible course of action though. Buy some quicklime to get rid of the body and tell his family he ran away to join the circus. I recently bought a citizen scuba which I've wanted for a while. Same deal... someone has lopped about 3 inches off the (expensive!) Rubber strap.
  25. Fantastic set up. That bi-metal Pulsar could be chucked out if you had a rare 200m rated 7T32 in the same colours.... #justsayin'
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