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  1. NooooOoOooOo. This is the very sexy Seiko Sportura Kinetic Titanium limited edition. Check out models like SLQ019 and SLQ019 J1 on the old googly search engine. Not getting them for less than 2grand though. I WANT ONE!!! I'll try and post a pic if I can figure it out.
  2. Haha, if I found a Giugiaro for less than £50 I'd be very pleased! :thumbsup: Unfortunately, I think this is going to be a saving up job! I'd just like one as a talking point as much as anything. I dont mind standing out, and the monster has stopped drawing a crowd now. :( Really though, I want the sportura titanium 4 dial thing- it just looks INCREDIBLE! Cheapest I can find though is $2500 on a US site...and thats on sale!
  3. Is this model a definate go-ahead? I had heard rumours that the Sub LV was being discontinued this year...after all, it's a 50 year commemorative edition thats been around for about 8 years! Seems they're milking it a bit now. If they took this opportunity to phase it out while the SS subs make the transition to Cerachrom bezels, demand would go through the roof and it'd become a classic like the original Sea Dweller a couple of years back. If they start to manufacture it with a ceramic bezel, it may as well just become a standard Submariner model. (ok, so it sort of is already...) Just my humble opinion. Cant wait to see what else is unveiled at Basel.
  4. I picked up a cracker for £32 a couple of weeks ago. Description was 'gold face seiko chrono'. Very fuzzy pic but I have the yellow 100m chronograph and took a punt that this was the matching orange dial one. Not quite that lucky, but did end up with a gorgeous burnt-orange colour metallic dial 50m chronograph which i'm chuffed with. Quick buff on the polishing wheel and a new battery and it could have been bought yesterday from a dealer! My problem with e.bay sellers is when you see a great looking 'vintage' seiko from a Singapore or Phillipines site (just examples... i'm not pre-judging!), then when you glance over the sellers page there are a dozen or so identical 'vintage' models for sale spread over a couple of weeks. Am I being too harsh or are these sellers/items all about as genuine as my red dial 'Bolex' submariner???
  5. Many thanks for the advice and words of welcome guys. Yea, I think if I was to collect one specific variety it'd be the chronographs. I love the style of them, the case size is perfect, there is a seemingly never ending variation of dial/hand/chrono colours and, as I said previously, one was my first watch! Saying that, there are a few watches I simply must own. Thanks for the info on the Guigiario's....i'm headed to E.bay right now. Although I have been stung once or twice on e.bay, I've had a few complete bargains there. The seiko 50m chrono's seem to change hands for £30-£50 regularly and i've had one or two to polish up, wear for a month or two and sell/part ex for a profit. I certainly wont be ending my e.bay trading days anytime soon!
  6. Ok, as a relative newbie to watch collecting I have decided to stop trying to own EVERY watch I see. After much web surfing, soul searching and watch hunting, I have decided that my primary focus should be my first love, the good old Seiko. My first 'proper' watch was a seiko chronograph alarm, and I have since accumulated another 3 chrono models including the new Sportura. Couple this with the black Monster I recently picked up, and my desire to add to the set, I think if I'm to become a hoarding watch collector I should focus on the old reliable Jap's. Oh, and for the most part they are CHEEP (like the budgie)! Soooo, on my hit list is any other Monster (preferably not the orange next, but I would like a real one eventually)**, any of the original Giugiaro watches, preferably the futuristic looking Speedmaster (I know...fat chance right??) and my current HOLY GRAIL...the mental looking sportura chronograph ltd edition titanium 4 dial! There is one of these on e.bay at the min for about £800...but no box or paperwork on a limited edition watch sounds like trouble! Love to hear from other collectors, particularly seasoned Seiko fans...I know there are loads out there. ** just a footnote...the orange Seiko I bought on e.bay in Jan turned out to be a nasty Kinetic 100m, NOT a 200m auto 'Monster'. It was returned VERY promptly!
  7. I quite like it too. Liking the polished steel finish rather than satin. My money is on 'The Kermit'!
  8. Yes, the one on the left of the pic but with a blue strap. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for one of these then, as long as the money is right. I'm fairly new to watch collecting and must admit i've never seen one of these before. Before my time perhaps.... (i'm only 27!)
  9. Aha, the one I've spotted is the right hand one in the pic above, but blue, good condition and with a brand new leather strap. Omega supplied it (they have the receipt for £58). Hmmm, might take some doing to get to £350 but I do really like it. I tried a Bumper auto on recently and it just felt weird...all that, well, bumping about! Plus this is a fairly small case. I think I have my heart set on the dynamic! Do like having some history though. Even on a 40 year old watch
  10. Can anyone give me any info on these watches? Just found one in a jewellers for £450. I've never seen an Omega with this ellipse shaped case, it looks great and feels amazing on. There is no paperwork with it but i'm told its just a 1970's oddment that Omega released then suddenly stopped. Found one for sale on Ebay almost the same (this one has a silver dial and inner with a blue ring between the two, that one is blue with a silver ring). Problem is, that one is from Singapore! No thanks...heard all the horror stories thank you! I have an 18ct De-Ville, but not a huge Omega fan otherwise. The only one i've been tempted to splash on was the moon landing anniversary speedmaster. Anyhoo, if anyone knows much about this model i'd be very grateful. The shop in question also has an omega 'bumper' in the window at a similar price. If I felt compelled to buy a watch today...which one?? ;-) Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, I joined this forum a few months ago but never posted. Can't say I'm much of a watch buff, still learning, but I know what I like! I currently have a rather nice collection and am always adding to it. Next up I DESPERATELY want a Hamilton Ventura. Not everyones cup of tea, but I think its a great looking watch. Anyway, be gentle if I post amateur questions! Thanks.
  12. Just a quickie, how much is too much to pay for a Blue dial, black bezel Tag F1, rubber strap, (1993) in good nick? There is a jewellers near me which has some really good second hand stock at the min, and this is one of them. Box and papers, in at £200 but they'd take £170. Seen them on e.bay for around £150, but this is guaranteed for 12 months. Already got a 6000 chronoghraph which I love. Dunno if really need this, but it looks great for messing about on holiday. Compact, colourful and waterproof!
  13. Yea, i'm aware that the name 'Monster' is just an informal nickname, but I thought most people would have known at least something about them. I love the pics of the new watch, but really need to see just how green the green dial is before parting with my hard earned! Looks like this is another which will drip through on imports after all 1881 pieces have sold and we'll end up paying a premium. Meh, the price we pay I suppose. Many thanks.
  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I've already got my hands on the Orange and Black monsters fairly cheaply....searched high and low for a blue and/or red (given up on the yellow!) and seen that they have now launched ANOTHER limited edition...the green. I found the Red not long after posting on here a frew months ago, for a quite reasonable £550, but was offered a Tag 6000 at about the same price. This is becoming an expensive hobby! I have seen them on e.bay already for up to £800, but there is no way i'm paying that for a watch with close to 2000 pieces in circulation. Any idea on availability from Seiko anyone? The jewellers i've been in look at me like i'm from Mars when I talk about 'Monster' watches. I know its meant to be an oriental ltd edition, but some will surely filter through, right? Many thanks guys.
  15. Hi guys, new to the forum but not to watches. I have a nice selection currently, but I have one 'must' on my hit-list...a seiko monster! I've tried everywhere to source the Yellow or the Blue. I'd even consider a Red, but the only one i've found is the Orange!!! Can anyone help me out. Best place to source one and difficulty to get a genuine one. I know the Yellow is tough to find, but the Blue wasnt a ltd edition from what I gather. I have a couple of Seiko divers watches and a sportura sports chrono, along with an 18ct Omega De-ville and a cartier ('french tank' I think?) But, I cant help thinking this would be the crowning jewel! If I cant get this, its gonna be the new Victorinox Dive-master auto. There is a Vic. stockist near me in Manchester and I do like it, but not as much as the Japanese beast! Thanks all. Any feedback is gratefully received. Kev
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