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  1. Fellows & Sons auction house in Birmingham is going to be as good as ebay if not better. The prices some of the watches achieve there astound me, definitely not dealer rates these days. eBay is a safe bet too, you're probably doing the right thing if you can give them a good description. Collectors love a "barn find" - watches that have sat undiscovered and have never been brought to market before. I hope you do really well off them.
  2. I suspect he meant the enormous projection from the left hand side - the depth gauge.
  3. Years back I offered to do batteries at 2 quid each for the lad who used to manage the Bury one (when I worked in Bury). Instead of that he was happy to chuck them in a basket and charge a fiver each. Insanity, he gave away hundreds of quid.
  4. My best mate had a boozer on Halliwell Road (well, his parents did) - The New Inn. Rough side of town that.... I love it.
  5. I wouldn't trust the staff in my local one to open a door, much less open a watch!!!
  6. I have dozens of these - all different sizes. I suspect they are going to be unique to the bracelet.
  7. Great looking watch Nigel, for its age it must be one of the best around (Seiko gold plating wasn't well known for it's staying power!) I have to ask...what is the Daytona you keep referring to? A Seiko Daytona? Or the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona? Bit of a stretch but yes they have ringed gold sub-dials I s'pose. Great that it came with box and papers, that's a really nice set.
  8. Right over on the right hand side of the screen, scroll right down to the bottom.
  9. If you have never owned a dynamic, do it!!! The ellipse shaped case is such a nice design and it feels lovely on the wrist. Aftermarket straps are cheap to pick up if you fancy a change from the bracelet - there should be a sort of Chuck key to unscrew the holding ring from the back of the case. I don't usually like one piece cases but this is the exception. All I would add is that if you were going dynamic I might be tempted by the more iconic bullseye dial versions as someone posted above. Less attractive is the dynamic 2 (seamaster dynamic). Weird wedge shaped case, which I quite like but never received many compliments on the wrist
  10. Revealed! Please feel free to have a go. And... https://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/index.php?/forum/39-watch-straps-bracelets-accessories/
  11. Cracking watch, that looks the part as a dress watch. Are you sure it's a Maistro? That looks just like my Freelancer bracelet. They probably just share them across models. As mentioned, the only negative with RW is the depreciation, a couple of hundred quid buys you a hell of a lot of watch in the pre-owned market. They've gone a bit mad recently with some weird limited editions (Beatles, Bowie, AC/DC??) but still a solid brand. The only negative as far as I can tell is their lack of history. Only established in the mid 1970's so they don't seem to have the weight behind the name that some of the Old Boys like Omega have. They are approaching half a century now though so really, I'm pretty sure they are here to stay.
  12. Nigel, do you still own any watches? Every post I've seen today has had a car on it. I'll link Pistonheads for you. Might shut you up for a weekend. https://www.pistonheads.com/
  13. The Brellum looks nice, but I've just had a look at their website and the "history" is such a load of waffle that it's put me off them. Also, what is the logo a rip-off of? I want to say Bremont but I think it's something else that it reminds me of. As above, buy what you like. However options 1,2 and 3 are world class watches from well known brands. The fourth one... well, I would have to be really in love with it because I suspect the only value it'll hold is the sentimental value of being for your 50th.
  14. It's weird now Roger - even auctions can have "Make an offer" tagged to them, though it's usually to invite offers higher than the start price to give an incentive to end early.
  15. Please refer to the "Competitions and Giveaways" thread here: The rules are post two photo's of the same watch wearing a different strap in each picture. Away you go.
  16. WTF?? Someone with absolutely no idea what they had accepted the first offer that rolled in by the looks of it. *Edit* Just messaged the guy and he replied within a minute. Watch sold.
  17. 'Tis a frankenwatch! Looks like the correct dial but the movement is a cheapo, like Scott said it didn't come from the Tissot factory - the name has been put on with a Dremmel and stencil kit from the look of it.
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seiko-The-Great-Blue-TV-face-Mens-Watch-Spares-or-repairs/173878039390?hash=item287bf0535e:g:EjsAAOSwJ7FcuefE Have at it Roger. If you don't, I probably will. 7T92 calibre, they aren't expensive to pick up if you can find someone to do a dial swap.
  19. £225,000 easily. You are sitting on a goldmine there son, it's retirement money for sure! I will tender my bid immediately; £50 in used notes and a half eaten bacon butty.
  20. Na not really Nigel, think of that, but without actually being able to see the cars (you can on some stands, you can't on others). By the way is that when the XJ220 was released?? I was at that same motor show - came back with a massive bag of freebies. My Mum was in the Jaguar Drivers Club with a VIP membership of some sort, and knew one of the writers (a Jag mechanic) quite well, so we got on the stand too. Even then we couldn't get near the 220, it was on a revolving platform with velvet ropes about ten yards around it! Again the show wasn't much fun unless you had stand access, but at least there you've got the Auto-Jumble, plus dedicated stands just for the public (I believe that year was when The Car's The Star debuted there, I've still got pictures with FAB1, Kitt, the Delorean time machine and loads of others).
  21. Amen to that. Rubbed me up the wrong way as well that! Trolling, or just ignorant? I can't suss it out.
  22. I've never really got the appeal of Baselworld to the public. It's a warehouse, filled with enclosed stands which require (trade only) invitations to. About as much fun as standing outside a watch factory wondering what's going on inside. Motor shows (like the massive one in London) also started as trade fairs bear in mind, however with cars you still get the "wow" factor at every stand. There might be ropes keeping us street urchins from touching the metal, but generally speaking the cars are displayed prominently so it's a fun day out. Because of that Motor shows are now geared more towards the public than the trade. As for the decline of Basel, I reckon it's partly driven by the internet and partly the swift withdrawal of so many independent contracts. Look at Omega, they have whipped their watches out of just about every independent run jeweller in the country in favour of dedicated "Omega Boutiques". They no longer need to push the latest and greatest on potential buyers - they have shops which have been opened solely to stock everything they make. Part two is the 'net, look at the impact a leaked shot on Instagram receives - even just a silhouette teaser. It goes viral in minutes and whips watch collectors into a frenzy. Why spend tens of millions on a trade fair when they can do that from an office? Basel will be a sad loss for the smaller brands, start-ups and re-launches. Without it I would have never heard of Victorinox and Cuervo y Sobrinos which are two firm favourites. Unfortunately, without the big names the fair seems doomed to fail, I can't see many people travelling across the world in their thousands when Oris is the biggest name on display. I hope it's not a further death knell for new brands. I am a supporter of Kickstarter but let's be frank, 99% of the watches coming off there are crap. "We've used the latest design innovations to come up with something truly unique" *google translate* "We used CAD software to come up with a clone of an Omega Speedmaster, Rolex Sub or Seiko 5" "We opted for a robust Japanese module to give our customers peace of mind" *google translate* "We stuck a £5 Miyota in the back to improve our margins" Apologies. Professional cynic at work here, go about your business. What a truly ignorant post. Really, I had to read it twice in case I missed a humorous vibe. It's a TRADE FAIR. Where brands show their new toys to THE TRADE. You know, the people on the front line who will stock and sell their watches to the public. It's occasionally a good idea for those people to be familiar with the products they have in their windows. It has no impact on "market share values" (anyone?? A mix of Market Value and Market Share I guess?) and certainly no impact on the prices they charge.
  23. It seems the popular consensus is 20mm, I think I'm going to stick with that. I agree about the odd sizes by the way, 19mm lugs on old Seiko SQ's (meaning you're stuck with the original strap) are my kryptonite!
  24. What is the most common strap size on here then folks? Vintage is going to be 18mm i reckon but most modern sports watches are either 20mm or 22mm. Just curious.... All will become clear on Saturday. Quick guess - what's the most common size through your collection? Ta.
  25. Can't argue with any of that. Pogba woke up for a few games under OGS, and there is no question he's one of their top players on his day, but I agree he just doesn't turn up for half the matches and for his money that is unacceptable. Not chasing loose balls, what's that all about??? He should never stop running all game long, at least Rashford has that going for him. Even as a fan of the other side I quite like Solskjaer and wish him luck (just not against City!). That whole team was world class but learned some dreadful habits under Mourinho, Ole will have his work cut out now as he needs to trim the deadwood - lots and lots of deadwood - and bring in some hungry younger players. How can a team as deadly as MU be so scared of running forward with the ball. I hated seeing them park the bus and defend (looking at you, Jose) with hundreds of millions of pounds worth of attacking power on the pitch. Negative football and it looks like it's quite hard to un-learn. OGS was a shoo-in for that job after his run of results, but to be fair the timing of his appointment was no accident, with half a dozen easy games in a row and then a couple of coin flips (which they won). I'll judge him on next season, see what he spends, who he bins and whether they keep up the charge forward.
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