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  1. eBay is your friend Theresa. Type in "Oris Anti Shock Vintage" and go to "completed listings". You will have a broad cross section of prices to gauge yours. There are some fully restored ones in the £100 range but generally they look to be £20-£40. While Oris is a high end Swiss brand these days with most prices starting at a grand, they used to be a fairly low quality entry level brand so not worth a fortune.
  2. Seiko Boss. Enormous left-handed 200m kinetic diver, no idea on the origins of the name. Available in black (SKA293), Orange (SKA291) and rare white (SKA289). Seiko Bullet. Simply named because of the bullet shaped batons. Available in black or orange I think, mine was SKXA55, the orange one.
  3. Interesting post, but an absolute "half-a-job" if ever there was one. Ripley gets a mention, but not Bishop? Or the Burke? Or the Pulsemeter "Marine"? All from the same movie. I'll find pictures from my PostImages account in a bit, but how about; Seiko Boss Seiko BFK Seiko Knight Seiko Bullet Seiko Landshark/Atlas Seiko Arnie I could carry on all morning.
  4. There are loads of unusual offerings from the "usual suspects" as well... Seiko of course produced the mental Guigiaro designs (The Aliens watches, plus loads of other more modern offerings) as well as making the Age of Discovery, Levante and Great Blue ranges. All can be found within budget and are the sort of watches you most definitely won't see someone else at a party wearing! From Citizen, any of the old "Robot" watches might fit the bill, plus some really unusual Aqualand models. One of my faves was a square moonphase model (Rahul Dravid limited edition). Same goes for the US market NASCAR models - I've just sold the black and yellow model. If you just want something off the wall then you need to buy an eOne Bradley - it was a Kickstarter campaign about 5 years ago which served to fill a gap in the market for a watch for the visually impared. It uses ball-bearings instead of hands and a cut-out dial so you can feel them (one on the face, one on the side of the case). They can be found around £100 and every watch collector should try one, they are super cool! Three guesses what I'm about to order... I really want the Punisher one!
  5. This one today, a 1969/70 Perona. Lovely thing, but I have to confess I only have it on because I was supposed to be selling it last night - it's a bit small for my liking. Sadly the chap never turned up and has stopped answering messages. We were meeting in a Wetherspoons in town though so all was not lost. Back to ebay *sigh*
  6. Tough one Matthew - those Sub's are climbing at a rate of knots, it would be an expensive case of sellers remorse if you decided you wanted another one.
  7. It's another of the Reduced models. Very dressy, looks the part and if it comes with the correct Omega paperwork then it's a decent buy. Please do note that it's the classic black dial which holds its value really, but you shouldn't go far wrong with the bi-metal at that price.
  8. What's the grail, and what's on the chopping block to fund it? Only being nosey! Is the grail the sort of watch that you might stumble across again in a few months/years, or are you worried about losing out on it now and not having another opportunity?
  9. Presumably the Rolex was pre-owned (unless your 40th was in about 1990 when you could buy an Airking for that!)? If so I will also presume that you're not bothered about buying new? The first watch to come to mind for that sort of money would be a Speedmaster Reduced. They are a budget choice in comparison to the true "Moonwatch" in every respect, but they still have the iconic style and seem to be holding well in the second hand market. £1200 should get you a good example on strap. Bump to £1400 and you should get one on a bracelet. £1600-ish would get you a minter with box and papers but that's straining the budget a bit.
  10. Nice watches, stupid boxes. I bought one and it didn't even fit in the safe Easily the biggest watch box I've had.
  11. That Tag should go, presuming it's the digital back-display? I had mine go wrong on me, and I still have the repair bill to prove it!! Ouch - two watches worth just to fix it.
  12. Dead link... was there a pic on it? I presume you're on SaferGems Jonny? I get alerts most days for stuff like this but I've not seen a Patek on it today.
  13. Most older members know my feeling towards these threads, but I will bite my tongue and be nice... Short answer comes down to; what do you like? A group of strangers on a watch forum the other side of the world can't decide that for you - If you can't narrow your field a little bit then you might not be ready for a watch. Or the internet. You mention you like the Tag Heuer calibre 5 but that is the movement, not the watch. They've stuck that into the Carrera, Aquaracer and I think the Monaco too, but based on your spec I presume it's the Carrera you're looking at? It's a fine watch, I've had one, but it's a bit sterile and bland. The Longines, as above. Classic? Yes. Timeless? Yes. Yawn? Yes! The Oris is a cool option but personally I think the Oris Aquis is more suited to a bracelet - they do a dark green dial Aquis which looks awesome for everyday wear, and also looks great on a dark brown leather strap if you have the tools and skills to remove the bracelet. (it's not hard, just needs a steady hand). Anyway, lots of members will be happy to recommend watches for you. 99% will be either unsuitable or not to your taste, so the best thing to do is research the models you like and then go and try them on. If you find yourself tied between two watches then a thread for "I'm considering "X" and "Y", are there any pro's and con's you can offer?" will be really helpful to you. This thread...not so much, I fear.
  14. Put your name down and wait - it's all you can do. There are no short-cuts with Rolex wait lists, I've long given up any ideas of trying even with friends in the trade placed at AD's. The Pepsi GMT is the hottest watch out there right now, other than the Daytona which is always in demand, and as such, un-gettable (is that a word?). RRP is seven grand and Watchfinder are asking (and getting) £16,000 for them, that tells you all you need to know. Sadly a lot will be going to scalpers who stick their name on every list they can then flip the watch for a couple of thousand profit the day it's bought. If you have to have it, options are either wait a year or so or pay over the odds for one. Roger has the right idea, a really nice 16710 can be picked up around the £7k mark and they ain't dropping value anytime soon, you can virtually consider it a depreciation-free investment (that's how I get around the 710). Push the boat out and £10,000 might find you a drool-worthy early 1675, and they seem to be climbing even quicker than the ceramics!
  15. Heavily interested as a teenager but it was all pretty nasty stuff; Timex Indiglo watches, Watches with a radio you can't tune in, Watches that change the channel on the telly - proper grown up watches. Serious interest kicked off after my Dad passed in 2006, so about 13 years. I inherited his Seiko which set me on the path, and I've been in and out of phases ever since, trying just about everything apart from Russian watches (I've really really tried guys... I just.... well, I hate them). Call it a decade, I joined here in May 09 so that's probably when I started really digging into watches.
  16. Playing with my Balls today... ***Disclaimer*** I only have one Ball watch, it just sounded funnier to pretend I had two. Sorry for the toilet humour, totally inappropriate for a forum of such high repute. Sorry again.
  17. Who fitted the new capacitor? There are one or two sharks out there who will just try to charge it and send it back, or even bodge a standard battery into it - if it's flashing recharge I can't imagine there being a brand new cell in there. Just to clarify, did you charge it with the crown pulled out? That's the best way to get them fully juiced for some reason. Lastly, if everything IS right it might be worth checking its the right capacitor. Citizen do lots the same size but that run at different powers, I've previously ordered the wrong cell because of that. Again, it comes down to who changed the capacitor for you.
  18. If it works to ease your conscience, then keep it up. "Well thats one in.... so I'll sell one soon. Probably. If it feels right. Maybe..."
  19. This Citizen; It's a Promaster Pilot, model CB5010-81L and I loved the dial colour, my photo doesn't really show off the blue. I met a chap earlier with an Omega Z-33 Spacemaster for sale but we couldn't come up with a deal on it. Gutted, I love that watch, it's ridiculous!
  20. Did I once send you a load of old Fat Face display stands Davey? It was someone on here, almost certain it was you (I sincerely hope I didn't charge you if so!) Anyway, if that's what kicked off this dangerously poor-taste compulsion then I offer my humble apologies.
  21. Hooky a-f. Probably a genuine Seiko at some point (or a few bits of one) which has taken a detour through India.
  22. It doesn't look like £2k of watch, but it's like the supercharged VW Golf that's actually a Ferrari-eater, it lays other high end watches to waste! The one pictured is the A060 calibre, a new and improved version of the A010 which was the record holder for most accurate quartz movement at under +/- 5 seconds a year. The movement is about the best HAQ on the market (Seiko might disagree...), tuned to absolute perfection and thermo-compensated, adjusting/correcting itself to combat changes in temperature. So many millions of dollars (or trillions of Yen, probably) went into the development of such an accurate timepiece that it pretty much has to command that price - it is their flagship watch development and easily a rival to the Grand Seiko offerings, on release it was the envy of every watchmaker in the world, knocking even the Longines VHP off the top spot. The last serious development like this was the MegaQuartz watches in the early 1970's. Google "Beta 21" for all the info, but again it was phenomenally expensive to develop and as a result the early versions of these were similarly overpriced. Look at what the F300 Omega cost in 1973 (about as much as a Speedmaster). Just a side-note, HAQ watches don't all cost the earth, it's well worth keeping an eye on Bulova. They were acquired by Citizen about ten years ago and a lot of the technology seems to be filtering down to the modern Bulova watches. The re-issue of the Accutron 2 (minus the tuning fork) is entirely down to Citizen and their ability to offer a highly accurate quartz movement on a budget. What made you have two girls cars? Do you have two wives? ;) (Sorry Davey, I'm only jealous - my wife says I have to have 5 seats in mine, hence the Supra dream was dead in the water)
  23. Afternoon. Great find Roger, it's not one that pops up often in Europe. It wasn't a JDM but I gather it was an Asian market exclusive, probably sold South East Asia (Thailand, I would guess). Sort of a predecessor to the Presage models, which borrowed case designs, and there is a little bit of the early "Premier" DNA present, but as far as I'm aware this was a one-off. There was never a steel equivalent of this one as far as I'm aware - Usually they'll run 2/3 colour schemes in steel then one "high end" Ti model. That makes it a one-shot, so quite desirable. It's not actually as rare as sellers make out, just very rarely seen in the UK. I bought a 1999 model on ebay a few years ago for about £65 but found I wasn't wearing it, so flipped it either here or TZUK (we're talking a good 5 years - I can't find any record in either archive), but a few months later a NOS one popped up for sale so I had to have it. It sat in a box for about a year and again I decided to shift it onward so it went to ebay and sold for a small fortune. Good to see another one. If I was still heavily into the 7t32 models I would have to go out and source one after seeing yours, but recent repair and service costs have scared me off this calibre for a bit - it's costing £120 to fix a £70 watch. All the ones I've seen (maybe a dozen or so) have been 1999 models, yours must be a very very early example at 1998, hence the low production number maybe.
  24. Exactly this, but I can't really explain why. Being a "brand snob" doesn't really factor in when you've still got a 3 grand Seiko on! Just to chuck a spanner in the works, I would have the Harrods exclusive "Green Black Bay" Tudor over both of them.
  25. I suspect it will be. It's a gorgeous dark carbon fibre (effect) dial, but the hands are polished steel and the subs are ringed in steel too, so it's easy to lose the hands.
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