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  1. New glass, new capacitor and an hour with a set of three Garryflex blocks, job done. If anyone wants capacitors doing then drop me a line, I've always got a drawer full, I still buy tons of kinetics and Solars.
  2. TH March might be worth a quote, they do both trade and private insurance, I wouldn't use anyone else for my shop.
  3. No judgements chaps and chapesses but I have been a bit naughty this week and bought quite a few! Double wristing here... I picked up a couple more Marvel Citizen models from the H Samuel sale (50% off, coupled with Buy one get one half price, it would have been a crime not to). So. Citizen Eco Drive Spiderman is on my left. Also, following a thread on here alerting me to the Tissot NBA watches last week I headed off to find some. I thought I had bought a New York Knicks and a Golden State Warriors model, but they turned out to be two versions of the Knicks ones.
  4. Buy what you like. By the time they restrict Diesel cars to the point of it causing you problems petrol won't be far behind. As it stands right now you have 20 years (2040) before conventional fuels are set to be phased out completely. Do we believe that number? Nope. As anything it will be a shifting goalpost depending how far along the tech has come and how reliant the government are on fuel duty. The tech is the crucial bit. We need electric cars which will run all day on a single charge, or are all capable of this rapid charge (30-odd minutes) that some Tesla's have. A
  5. People ask mental money for them. I bought my first yellow kinetic for 65 quid (needed a new capacitor). I've had every model now apart from the yellow chrono. They crop up from time to time between 120 and 200 quid depending on the condition. I miss mine but I know I'm going to get sick of that crown digging in my hand again.
  6. No such things as "parts" for these really. It was always designed as a cheap throw-away module unfortunately. Some clever souls make a decent living canibalising parts, swapping coils etc but its generally more money than the watch is worth sadly. I still love them, but collecting 7t32 models is a lifetime of heartache
  7. What happened to the sale and wanted section chaps? Have I been invisibleded after months of inactivity??? There was a seiko caesar earlier in the year on there. Tbh my last one was a bit of a pain (enormous crown that digs in your hand!) But I quite fancy one. Thanks for any info.
  8. Run away, screaming!!! The 32 is a temperamental sod, I've given up trying to get mine mended, just thank my lucky stars when I manage to buy fully working ones
  9. I've been on and off, no contributions though, I find myself with less and less free time and I tend to go on TZ more than here. Had some dealings with Scott last week so I poked my head back in and found I had quite missed it
  10. Nice looking watch. Japanese market, we never got that one in the UK as far as I can remember. The olive green version is a grail watch, I've had a couple and sold them - last one I bought had a kids size bracelet sadly, links aren't easy to come by these days.
  11. My own watchmaker has been in the process of retiring (early) for about 5 or 6 years - I suspect this might be his final one at the bench. Due to ridiculous demands to re-tool he has cut affiliations with Rolex, Omega and lots of smaller firms to the point where he is now totally independent. He is an exceptionally gifted watchmaker and repair technician, but constraints on sourcing parts are the bane of his life. There are a lot of restrictions, a lot of "discontinued" parts and a whole lot of variations on simple items. I asked him last year if any of his kids would follow him into
  12. I get that you're excited to launch something, but dude, this is an ultra generic divers watch. All the fuss over a ceramic bezel? Wow! You're only a decade late to the party. Sapphire glass? Simply inspiring. A cutting edge Swiss made.... oh, Ronda movement. Invicta will be panicking then. Those are NOT snowflake hands. Remove that from your description, go away and learn a little about what you're on about. I know you've ripped off the Pelagos design (with Sub style plots) but the hands are not the Tudor snowflake, they are simple Arrow hands. They get that name from bein
  13. Don't hold your breath for discounted NOS stock, I believe Cartier still go out hunting for that stuff to buy back and scrap! Haha, Richemont group have so much money that they buy their own watches back just to melt. Link; https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/may/18/richemont-destroys-nearly-500m-of-watches-in-two-years-amid-buyback-policy Otherwise, as above, Chrono24 is good. I'm not sure about Watchfinder - they should have a healthy stock since Richemont bought them as well. https://www.richemont.com/10-press-news/other-group-announcements/669-richemont-acquire
  14. I don't hate it, almost reminds me of the Hamilton BelowZero. I like that it's different, not another pointless kickstarter trying to do a Sub-a-like or a booooorrriiiing "sterile" effort like those Daniel Wellington things. The hands, I agree, are awful. Match the gunmetal colour of the case, try to keep the industrial look but not with those holes. Otherwise, it's an unusual offering which could do ok, I mean look at the seiko Frankenmonster, Fugly but they sell for a fortune now! The only thing on yours I couldn't get on with is the really terrible logo. Kickstart
  15. Really sorry to hear of the problems you've had, but many thanks for bringing the NBA range to my attention - God knows how that one slid under my radar!!! New York Knicks (Eastern conference) and Golden State (Western conference) ordered. Addressed to my parents place. I suspect those will have to be a Christmas present from my mysterious benefactor...
  16. Absolutely nothing wrong with Rotary as long as you buy the "good" automatic! I find that they do three levels of movement; Chinese and crap, Japanese and slightly less crap, or Swiss and very good. Thing is, they don't really make a fuss about or advertise what's inside!!! Basically, if you can find one of the Swiss ones (usually printed on the base of the dial) then you'll be running an ETA based watch which is every bit as good as the Oris and Hamilton you've linked above. They usually list those under the Les Originales range, or of course badged up as Dreyfuss (but you'll need t
  17. Both dress watches, so retaining value is a moot point. Personally I'd go Cartier just 'coz you see less of them out in the wild. I had an 18ct Deville and took an utter bath on it when I sold it on. Mind you, I also bought a Cartier Pasha GMT and took a very similar steel-toe-cap to the nuts when I traded that in. You know what, buy neither!
  18. This sorry looking thing from 1972 today. All original bar the nasty bracelet, lovely green dial, but a bit of a rattly POS these days I'm afraid, it needs some love.
  19. Quick dig through my spare links for links with a wide centre, I haven't found that exact link, but I think I have a candidate (20mm wide, 14mm opening) from a different Kinetic. Pics below I'll PM you, if you want to send me the watch I'll try and get a link to fit and if not I'll just return it as it is. Cheers. Kev
  20. Morning Dan. Looks straight forward. I have a couple of kilos of spare seiko links, not sure if I have one for that exact watch but I've had both kinetic and chronograph models of that model, so theres a good chance! Capacitor and glass I'll sort out for 50 quid including postage back to you, and if I have any links I'll chuck those in for nothing. Its an open offer. Have a think and if you fancy it I'll fire over my shop address and PayPal. Would you do me a quick favour and give me the link measurements? Total diameter and the width of the gap please, I'll have a rummage
  21. Great thread, nice to see content like this. FWIW the seiko at the top of the post is the SNZH53, odd that you mention the fifty fathoms later on as this particular model is the base for a very popular "mod" known as the Fifty Five Fathoms. Worth a look on google images, they are a cool looking modification.
  22. Hi Dan. This is all brushed, so rebrushing the bracelet is easy, a 5 quid block of garryflex will do the job. New glass maybe 20 quid, new capacitor should be about 30. A "service" on a seiko kinetic is very rarely necessary, new capacitor and a caseback seal is simple. For £50 you'll have this back in belting condition. Drop me a PM if you cant get it done on the cheap, I used to do capacitors for forum members for 25 quid and return postage, the parts are less than 20 notes, no need to pay the earth.
  23. Longines all day, all night, twice on Sunday. The other two brands are perfectly nice but you'll see your arse if you ever decided to flip them or trade in towards the next gadget. Raymond Weil are one of my favourite brands, but why pay £800 for a watch you can snap up on ebay for £200?? In fact there is a blue one on there right now at £175 which is a bargain (I know that, coz its mine)
  24. Afternoon all. I haven't been around for a bit but a deal on eBay with @scottswatches jogged my memory. Not much to report, but I have picked up a couple of these this week. Pics below. Funny one this. Disney told H Samuel (the exclusive UK stockist) that under no circumstances were these or the Star Wars watches to be discounted - I believe even the staff weren't allowed to use their staff discount on them (friends in high places n all that) However, passing the local shop the other day, a lot of these are HALF PRICE! Still mostly f'ugly, but a bargain, so I bought tw
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