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  1. Hi Dave,

    I'm writing an article on the Enicar Sherpa Super-Divette and I'm wondering if I can use your images from this old post of yours?


    They are great images. I would, of course, credit you in the article next to the image.



  2. Wow, loads of Citizens I've never heard of. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Great collecting theme. These are probably second only in collectability to the 1300m, 800m and 300m titanium professional divers.
  4. DaveE


    I think that dive shops sell them. There are loads and loads of names that appear on these watches and at least 3 case styles. I've seen them with automatic Miyota movements too with the Tauchmeister name.
  5. cmoy

    I didn't realize you had uploaded some already. I'll search for them :-) BTW I LOVE the Caribbean 2000, ref 709, watches!

  6. Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately, I haven't got any more ads or catalogues, other than the ones I've uploaded here.



  7. cmoy

    Hi Dave,

    Saw your amazing collection of Caribbean divers! I was wondering if you have any vintage ad's/catalog's of these watches. I would love to see them. Thanks!



  8. DaveE

    Happy Birthday

    :cheers: :drinks: :wine: Hope it's been a good one.
  9. Another vote for this. The movement in question is the ETA 251.262, although a HEQ thermocompensated 251.232 as fitted to some Breitling chronographs is possible if that movement is available. To distinguish the watch from the Precista PRS-17C (100m WR), the depth rating of the watch would need to be at least 200m, preferably 300m, more preferably 500m+. This would make the watch a credible Sinn EZM1 homage. Nobody has yet made such a watch. AFAIK, all watches to date using the ETA 251.262 are pilot chronographs, not diver chronographs. My comprehensive, yet probably incomplete list of watches to use this movement to date was listed on TZ-UK, but I paste it below for reference: Bell & Ross Vintage 120 Chronograph Breitling Chronograph Shark Quartz Breitling J-Class Chronograph Breitling Chronograph Sirius (Breitling 53) Breitling Colt Ocean Chronograph Breitling Colt Quartz Chronograph Breitling Colt Transocean Chronograph Certina DS First Chrono Sport 200M Chase-Durer SF 1000/1000XL UDT Chase-Durer Squadron Commander Chase-Durer Falcon Command Chase-Durer Trackmaster Pro Chronograph Debaufre Aircraft Quartz 8 Chronograph Longines Evidenza Chronograph Longines Hydroconquest Chronograph Quartz Longines Lungomare Chronograph Longines Oposition Chronograph L3.618.4. Memphis Belle Frecce Tricolori Titan Chrono FT Porsche P6320 Watch Quartz Chronograph Flat Six Precista 89 PRS-17-C Revue Thommen Airspeed Classic Titanium Chronograph Revue Thommen Airspeed Instrument Chronograph Rosendahl 43301 MPH TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph TAG Heuer Formula 1 Chronograph 1/10th TAG Heuer Mens 2000 Stainless Steel Chronograph TAG Heuer Kirium Ti5 Chronograph Tutima Pacific Chronograph Universal Geneve Ayrton Senna Chronograph Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 3 Victorinox/Swiss Army V-7-22x ($39!!! when sold on TV)
  10. Lovely watches. :kewlpics: Now that I'm into Seikos, I'll have to start collecting these.
  11. Ahh, thanks guys. :) I wasn't sure that the new forum format still recorded birthdays.
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