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  1. Happy Friday Comrades. T’is the Poljot Sturmanskie 3133 today. Cheers
  2. My memory’s terrible. Must’ve been around 2005 I got this. Anyway...Had at it with a toothbrush and it cleaned up a treat. The mesh was already a little shiny in places but overall still matches the case pretty well. Bunged a battery in and it’s working spot on. Original pic makes yours look much darker than this though. Is it like that in the flesh?
  3. I have a similar-ish Skagen that I bought on a Delta flight from Atlanta in 1996 the super hardened mineral glass wasn’t quite hard enough, got scratched and was replaced inexpertly by me. Battery long dead, and it’ll never get worn.. so happy to donate as a test subject for any experiments ? strap on this one uses standard spring bars but probably has as much dna sample material as yours does. Want me to give it a scrub up and see what happens?
  4. IWC for me please .. though I’d like a black dial and no cutaways. The more I look, the more I’m finding the Piaget mildly acceptable - but the model name at 8 is just too modern and funky for me.
  5. THE fittest model of the THE fittest brand. Envy isn’t pretty, but that there Camaro is. You lucky lucky badger !
  6. Morning all. It's a Jumbo day. 1976 Seiko 6138-3002 Jumbo Cheers
  7. Morning all. Vostok 17j for me today Cheers
  8. You’re never alone with a Strand... specially if you’ve got 2 of ‘em
  9. Morning all. Glycine Stratoforte for the now.. cheers
  10. For me, the risks far outweigh the potential benefits. At worst you could (i have) scratch the case, kill the water resistance, knacker the beat/timing, loosen the balance spring and/or lose bits. At best you get to risk the above all over again when the adjustment doesn’t achieve perfection, or when the weather changes and causes a +\- 1 sec change over 24hrs I gave up on that kind of micro-obsession pretty quick, but left a few casualties along the way. I remember each of their names in the quiet times before dawn .....
  11. Happy B’day Mr Mach. and many more of them
  12. Hi. The Poljot looks like a ‘Deluxe’ from the 70s or 80s (Soviet era as indicated by CCCP on the dial). eBay should be able to give you an indication of value. The other is new to me , but translates as ‘tuning fork’ . That refers to the movement, which is a type made famous by Bulova and others In the 70s .. using battery & electrical coils instead of mechanical components or quartz.
  13. Morning all. Tissot PR100 today Cheers
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