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  1. Good afternoon all it’s the Aristo Dakar for me again today. One of my favourite daily wears, and it’s starting to collect a few scars Cheers
  2. Happy Return to GMT day Smiths National 17 for me this morning Cheers
  3. Looks like they over-OCD’d the hour track to make it merge with the minute track.. thus mangling it with the sub seconds track. The original drawing has the hour markers much nearer the centre, which would no doubt set off some people’s OCD as the hour hand wouldn’t point directly at it. Everyones OCD is a little different. I prefer the sub seconds hand on the drawing than in the real life version
  4. Happy Saturday everyone. Bulova Accutron for me today. Cheers
  5. Happy Friday. Today I shall be carting around this 46mm lump of Glycine Stratoforte. Closest I’ll get to a workout Cheers
  6. Morning all Seagull ST5 19 jewel today Cheers
  7. Urgh...Monday is it? Amphibia for a dull wet day cheers
  8. Morning all. I’m still in my bed watch (i.e. one with a loud enough tick to ease me to the land of Nod, but not loud enough to annoy the current Mrs LoiusWu) Smiths 5 Jewel cheers
  9. Happy weekend everyone. It’s the Poljot Buran 3133 for me today cheers
  10. Afternoon all. so I went exploring through my boxes of bits, trying to find a specific strap I remember having but can’t find... and discovered a watch I’d forgotten I had. Popped a battery in and she’s running like a good un. Hurrah .. but snapping the caseback on caused the minute hand lume to explode all over the dial. Boooo in my exuberant youth I would now be trying to figure out the weird stem removal process to get the thing apart and cleaned up.... but these days I’ll just live with its imperfections. cheers
  11. Morning all. This new arrival from the good ol’ U S of A today. Dirt cheap, was meant to be a parts donor for one I ‘over-tinkered’ years ago. Looked a dog in the eBay pics but cleaned up nice and runs like a beaut. I shall resist the urge to pull it to pieces. 70’s Timex Electric Cheers
  12. My oh my. Never really been a ‘form over function’ type so this one’s tricky. Anderson for me I s’pose.
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