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  1. Again, thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll start looking again armed with your information. To be fair, I got this watch as a free gift with a subscription to 'Diver' magazine . So around £60. Nothing really, I'm guessing Seiko/ Citizen made? I do like those Mesh/Rice Bracelets.
  2. Hello and thanks for your reply Roger. Yes your correct on the spelling. It's an Apeks Dive watch. My mistake. However I'm sure my watch doesn't have concealed Lugs, which is why I'm struggling to find a Steel Bracelet which will fit and look right. I really can't live with a Rubber Strap, I find them very uncomfortable. I'm at work at the moment but I'll recheck the Lugs this afternoon. I agree that the Mesh looks fantastic. My Seamaster is with Duncan for a small repair and service, and I don't like wearing my work watch at weekends . I don't feel 'Clock
  3. Hi, I've had one of these Dive watches for a while now, but don't wear it due to the Rubber strap.Shame as its a well made, accurate watch. My 1980's trusty 6309 with quartz conversion is looking rather tatty now so I've been looking for a stainless bracelet for the Apex, so I can comfortably wear it for work. However, without success! Could anyone guide me in the right direction please? Thanks, in anticipation, Mick.
  4. Once again, in my time of need, SirAlan has sorted me out. And Super Quickly. Again, thank you. It is very much appreciated. ATB Mick.
  5. Can you get in touch with me please? Thank you.
  6. Hi Guys, it's been a long time since I last looked in. Glad to see it's all still good. I'm trying to get in touch with SirAlan, but I can't send pm's for some reason? Can anyone help get a message across? I'm hoping he is ok. Thanks for reading and Stay Safe.
  7. We have a Watch Hospital near us. I would highly recommend them. They do most jobs on site. I still send my Omega to Duncan though !
  8. Unbelievable, spooky but dead true. My step mother, from Dalwhinnie in the Highlands has also been looking for me. Asking her Jeweller friends etc. Looking around Edinburgh, Sterling etc. Her Mother died about 10 years ago. Whilst mending some piece of clothing, she went to her Mothers old Sewing Basket, which had not been opened since her Mum passed. I'm sure you know whats coming next? Not quite a ring box but a MM Henderson Bracelet Box from the Glasgow Branch. When we meet in June at the Terracotta Army in Liverpool she is going to gift it to my Wife.
  9. Just a thank you to all who had a look. Thank You.
  10. Thanks for looking Yes my name is M M Henderson I've bought a Diamond ring for my wife's 50th birthday and I thought that box would make it extra special. I've bought a different box from my home town Me ? I'm just a big Softie lol Regards Mick
  11. No Joy in the Bottom Drawers then ?
  12. Sorry for the delay in getting back. The urgency is I've bought a ring for my wifes birthday and wanted a special box. Her birthday is in 3 weeks time. Thanks for looking !
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