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  1. Urban Gentry Bark and Jack Just one more Watch Frederico Talks Watches
  2. In the office today, the first time in 6 months
  3. I have a Steinhart Ocean 39 GMT Blue-Red on the way; should be with me tomorrow/Wednesday
  4. I dont have one, but i do like how they look need to see one in the flesh though
  5. Need to do some DYI, so something rugged is needed
  6. I wear a smartwatch most days due to its practicality and fitness tracking capabilites...But in order of preference Automatic Manual Quartz Smartwatch
  7. The dial looks clean and legible. Case size is good
  8. I'm in the same boat but wear watch on the Left wrist
  9. dongagon


    I really like the look of your Fortis. Its one of my favourites
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