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  1. How is a £100 G Shock which has multi band 6, world time, solar powered, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm and WR 200m so expensive compared to a sub?
  2. No wonder this Forum has about 5 active users! Friendliest forum.....
  3. @Sir Alan That's a fantastic collection! I've just had a GW3000 orange version through the post today and I'm loving it!
  4. That's a bit harsh! We're only talking around the £100 mark!
  5. I love 'em. Best value watch in the world in my opinion. I forget the name of the bracelet on mine, but think it looks really cool.
  6. I'd compare them to Wolverhampton Wanderers if that makes any sense.
  7. Seiko are very shrewd marketers of their products. Take the 1 Seiko 99% of people who inhabit watch forums have owned. The 007. Do you think this watch would be so highly regarded if it was sold in Argos? Do you think WIS's would have wrote so many forum threads on the J v's K models if they didn't have to be mail ordered from the Far East?
  8. 17/60 First time I've seen LA ranked so high and Sydney so low on one of these things.
  9. MB! You obviously need a 1st tier watch to go with your 1st tier motor! BMW lol....
  10. After 5 years the sales forum is within touching distance...........
  11. Tenerife in the winter time, Ibiza in the summertime! I enjoy the playa las Americas and Santa eulalia areas. Both towns have long prom's that I like going for a stroll on.
  12. I've been on this forum a while and...........HELL YEah...... This is far nicer than Des's gold Tag or Bonds LV.
  13. That is a very nice watch, but is mainly going to appeal to people who either spend a lot of time in the water or who frequent watch forums. I would offer cash or bottles of booze.
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