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  1. I had no idea these existed & they are absolutely beautiful! A new entry at #1 on my wish list.
  2. I think it's safe to say, that's a unique find in the world of electric watches.
  3. On the upside, if he is successful, you can always dig out the dremel & get to work on those spare cases.
  4. Curses, I thought, for one glorious moment, something had happened on this subject :(
  5. Now that's a fantastic looking watch. I am green with envy. It's the case design I absolutely adore; I had assumed (wrongly?) that it was 'Midland' that used it. I have a huge search string to catch this type which includes a billion permutations on the word Asymmetric & it still missed it. 'Isometric' indeed!! So how many watches used this case? Congratulations Paul, I don't really mind losing to the person who introduced me to this world.
  6. Undoubtedly my favourite looking Hamilton. I think it's outstanding. There has been 3 of these on the worlds favourite auction site in the past month. One was a buy-it-now at $4500 but shockingly it didn't sell. I confess I toyed with the idea. The one from Rene's book is up for sale now but at a buy-it-now of $12000 it doesn't look like he seriously wants to sell it & who can blame him? Beautiful watch Martinus & a great story.
  7. Fantastic 50's styling, I love it! However my kitchen is such, that if I installed one, I would need to exit the house via a window.
  8. The Ball-Hour Timex definitely rank as one of my favourites & you now have one more than me!! You made a great job of the first white gold watch, I ignored it because it looked tatty & I thought the seller was wrong about the case. Curses. I'm not to jealous, however. After this post I went back & looked carefully at mine & sure enough one of them is a white gold version. :D but not a round case :( The race is still on to find a White dial version, do we have any concrete proof they ever existed?
  9. I seem to recall Paul telling me that was the case. I'm sure if he picks this up he will tell you positively.
  10. lol, I didn't even spot that one this time! Still coming in at ridiculously low prices for such a lovely watch. All in the brand name I guess. Here's one of a similar look I picked up last week: 170773612281 It's nice to see them all up on your web site now; but obviously people aren't sharing our enthusiasm yet. :(
  11. Not used to reading hostility in this forum, seems strange somehow. I'd say it's quite unfair to accuse someone of 'boasting' when it's quite clearly enthusiasm. I, for one, find the stories interesting & the website a great point of reference. The fact it makes me green with envy is my issue. All that aside, the watch in question is absolutely stunning, truly beautiful. I shall add it to my list of watches to covet from afar.
  12. Seems almost criminal to convert (in my opinion destroy) an Alpha. Seems to me that there are so many modern conversions of these watches that few original examples survive, which is a shame. Still, it's each to their own & Paul is your man. Just click on the Electric Watches Banner above. Remember to hold on to the original face & hands in case you want to return it to former glory.
  13. I also liked the look of the strap but I think they are generic. Run the search 'ipod nano aluminum strap' on an auction site & you will find them.
  14. Seiko have done several triangular watches. The SNA003 & SKA377 are the ones I'm looking for at a reasonable price. I have also seen mention of copies on some site or other, referred to as a 'replica'
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