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  1. You will find everything be you need to know about TZ over on TZ, also use the search function as there have been a few threads before. Both forums are UK based, and you will find that there are a number of members who belong to both forums .
  2. Some changes on the way the sales forum will operate going forward It has become increasingly time consuming to winnow out posts in sales threads; free bumps, GLWTS, deal talk, great watch etc etc and when we do we have often had PMs complaining about the post being removed. So from now on we are not going to remove posts and will change the sales forum rules accordingly. We are hoping that members will self-police sales threads and if any sales thread gets out of hand they will bring it to our attention, At the original poster's request we will also clean-up a sales thread. This isn'
  3. FORUM TERMS AND RULES Disclaimer Please note that advice posted on www.thewatchforum.co.uk (hereafter the Forum) with the best of intentions by registered users (hereafter Members) may not always be correct. Therefore any and all information you receive through the Forum or via personal messages etc. is on the condition you 'use it at your own risk'. The owner, administration team and agents of the Forum (hereafter together known as Admin) will not be held responsible for any consequences of the use of such advice. Opinions expressed on the Forum are not necessarily the opinions
  4. As per my last posting I am now determined to thin out my collection and only have four - would welcome your views on which 4 should survive! Or people views on which one's they would like to buy perhaps? Thread closed.
  5. Maintenance completed. Thank you.
  6. Dear All, Please note that The Watch Forum will be offline from 02:15 until 03:00 UK time this morning for routine maintenance. Thank you.
  7. Guys please bear with us, we are getting huge numbers of members requesting to join and it's impossible to spot every spammer and every banned member who's trying to get back in. Some are bound to slip through. If you can continue to report the ones you see it would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  8. Hi, Besspeg, we dont mind you providing a service to our members as a 'passive' member / business but as this is a forum solely funded by our host Roy of RLT Watches we dont on the whole allow blatent adverts for other companies on the site without prior arrangement ( and fees if applicable ) with Roy, i hope you can understand this.... Roy was ok with you discussing your service in repect of members bracelets you have done etc but no more offers and links please.... Thanks
  9. Majestyk have had enough publicty, thread now closed.
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