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  1. Hiya and thanks.....the number inside the case back is 2943 5 SC ...there is also a patent no. +315164....can you tell me where to look for info using this number, thanks a lot.
  2. I have a 1960 Cal 504 Omega Constellation which is running perfectly and keeping very good time. The date function is working and it is faultless apart from needing a crown and the dial shows considerable signs of age. Not sure whether it is possible to clean the dial to improve it slightly and keep it original or to have a dial restoration done. I'd be happy to have just the two or three larger stains removed if that's possible. Does anyone know a good watch man who could do this as I'm reluctant to go down the restoration route. Lastly, should the crown have ten sides to it for this model. T
  3. Hello all, can anyone recommend somebody to fit a new Omega dial for me? Also, can a genuine Omega dial still be bought or would it be a copy? Thanks
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